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Handwriting - 4 Year

4 Year Curriculum

The 4 Year Old Curriculum focuses on writing numbers 1-25 and all of the upper and lowercase letters.  The phonetic sound of each letter is solidified as well. 

The order that the letters and numbers are introduced is based upon the Letter & Number Progression Worksheets that I created for our son as he struggled on handwriting as a preschooler.  The letters and numbers are grouped by similar formation - starting with straight line letters first.  These worksheets can be printed online or purchased in the 4 Year Workbook or the Handwriting Workbook

Letters are placed under the "Both" category of the table below when the child has learned how to correclty form the upper and lowercase letter.  

Other ABCJLM Handwriting Worksheets have been created to aid the learning both letters and numbers.  Use the Letter of the Week Activities as well as the Letter and Number Posters to further the learning.  Also read Learn to Write.

Week Number Letter Both
 1  1  l, i, T, t, I  Ii, Tt
 2    E, F, L  Ll
 3  4  H  
4 Review
 5    X, x  Xx
 6    V, W  
 7    v, w  Vv, Ww
 8    N, M  
9 Review
 10  7  Z, z  Zz
 11    A  
 12    Y, y  Yy
 13  0,10  o, Q  
14 Review
 15  3  b, B  Bb
 16  2, 5  D, p  
 17    C, G, O  Oo
 18    c, a, d  Cc, Aa, Dd
19 Review
 20  0-5  g, q  Gg, Qq
 21  0-5  e  Ee
 22  0-5  J, j  Jj
 23  0-5  f  Ff
24 Review
 25  0-5  S  
 26  8  s  Ss
 27  6,9    
 28    U, u  Uu
29 Review
 30  0-10  r, n, m, h  Nn, Mm, Hh
 31  0-14  P, R  Pp, Rr
 32  0-17  K, k  Kk
33 Review
 34  0-20    Aa - Mm
 35  0-25    Nn - Zz
36 Review

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