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ABC Jesus Loves Me is committed to helping adults be intentional with the children in their lives and to build in children a solid foundation in academics, Bible learning, and self-care.  We do this through the following products:

  • Bible Curriculum 
  • Early Childhood Curriculum (1-5 Year Curricula)
  • Unit Studies and Materials
  • Be Intentional Planners

Instead of rigid learning controlling a child's day, this website includes thousands of lesson plans, printables, and supportive ideas to guide the child's learning through exploration and play.

The entire ABCJLM site, ideas, and attachments are free for the teaching of your child in an immediate family, home setting.  Licenses are required for use with a child outside your legal guardianship. This includes all churches as well as nonprofit and for-profit businesses, daycares, and preschools.  Click to learn more about ordering Licenses.  

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"ABC Jesus Loves Me is a truly comprehensive curriculum. It should satisfy those who want to provide a structured learning for their little ones. It should also be useful to those who want to pick and choose ideas without using the complete curriculum. The Christian base of the curriculum makes it an excellent option for Christian preschools as well as families who want to build a faith-based foundation...."    --Cathy Duffy of

Old Testament Bible Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

NOW AVAILABLE:  Each Then They'll Grow Bible Curriculum is comprised of 52 weekly Lesson Plans to teach children who God is through stories in the Bible. Each week provides a specific memory verse, song, activities, and an age-appropriate script to teach children the Bible story.  Written with groups in mind, the Then They'll Grow Curriculum is perfect for churches and preschools, but can be adapted for home use as well.


Thank you so much for the time that you dedicate to this amazing curriculum! Our oldest daughter enters kindergarten this fall equipped to succeed thanks to ABCJLM. We also get to start our youngest daughter on the curriculum this fall and we're excited to watch her learn.     --Christine on Facebook

ABCJLM Curriculum

Early Childhood Curriculum

At the core of ABCJLM is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum for ages 1-5 that focuses on academics, development, and the Bible. The five 36-week curricula incorporate learning into the toddler's and preschooler's day instead of controlling it, allowing the child to explore, play, and learn new things.  Our website includes thousands of lesson plans, printables, and supportive ideas to guide the child's learning and help the adult be intentional throughout the day.  The basic curricula are available online for free for immediate family use. 


We are going into our 3rd year with ABCJLM, and I could go on for days about my love for it. I recommend it to everyone. It's such a great balance of fun, play activities and learning, crafty activities.  The website has some amazing resources.  Also, you can search in the group for answers. It's a wonderful family to be part of.      -- Justina on Facebook

Unit Studies

Unit Studies and Materials

Numerous Unit Studies and materials are available in digital download to further Bible understanding for children of preschool and elementary age.  Use the 4-9 week, mini curricula to explore individual topics in fun, engaging ways.  Topics include Armor of God, holiday studies, and more.  

Other digital downloads focus on Character Training and handwriting, providing ideas to give as gifts, and to create family fun. 


Got my planner and I love it!! The layout is super cute, yet practical and thorough! The example pages are helpful and I've already started filling in a few dates   💕 Thanks.  -- Erin on Facebook

[The Be Intentional Planner] is changing my life. THANK YOU!    -- Lynn


Be Intentional Planner

Be Intentional Planner

Be Intentional with your time using one of two yearly planners offered exclusively on this website. You will love the practical, yet thorough layout that is affordable and perfect for all walks of life.