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Welcome to the 4 Year Curriculum!  We are happy to have you join us.  For starters, be sure to view the Tutorial Video on the hompage.  This will help you navigate the website, Lesson Plans, and learn how to order books and Licenses.   It will also explain how to get connected with other families and teachers using the ABCJLM Curriculum. 

In the 4 Year Curriculum the child will... 

• know several Bible stories, Memory Verses, and Songs which they can recall when prompted
• know the name of each letter in the alphabet -  lowercase and uppercase
• know the phonetic sound of all letters
• be able to correctly write the lower and uppercase letters of the alphabet
• know by name and be able to correctly write the numbers 1-25
• be able to identify various colors and shapes
• be able to demonstrate spatial concepts, sorting, sequencing, and patterns
• be able write both their first and last name using a capital letter for the first letter of their name
• be able say their full name, address, and phone number
• be able to politely answer the phone and call 911
• be introduced to many books
• increase in fine and gross motor skills along with visual perception skills

The 4 Year Curriculum is comprised of 36 Lesson Plans.  Each Lesson Plan is divided into three sections: 

1.  Items Needed (suggested supplies)
2.  Objectives (the learning that you will introduce to the child)
3.  Suggested Activities (age-appropriate ways to introduce the learning)

The Lesson Plans are designed to be a guide, so choose the objectives and activities which are best for your situation. 

A fourth section - Daily Schedules - help make the learning part of daily activities and play by breaking the weekly Lesson Plans into activities to be covered over four days.  The Daily Schedules are only available in the purchased Lesson Plans book.

Holiday Activities can be found after Week 36 or at the bottom of the blue "ONLINE LESSONS PLANS" drop-down box in the right-handle column or below.  Incorporate these activities whenever appropriate.

So what are you waiting for?  It's time to jump in, have fun, and be intentional!  Use the green button below to move to the Week 1 Lesson!



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