Unit Studies and Materials

 Unit Studies and Materials

Ages:  2 - 12 years old

Learning:  Academic, Bible, Development, Handwriting, Family Memories

Description:  Numerous Unit Studies and materials are available on the ABCJLM website to further Bible understanding for children of preschool and elementary age.  Use the 4-9 week, mini curricula to explore individual topics in fun, engaging ways.  Topics include Armor of God, holiday studies, and others.  

Digital Downloads are available to focus on Character Training and handwriting, give as gifts, and to create family fun. 

Use:  The entire ABCJLM site, ideas, and attachments are for the teaching of your child in an immediate family, home setting.  Licenses are required for use with a child outside your legal guardianship. This includes all churches as well as nonprofit and for-profit businesses, daycares, and preschools.  Click to learn more about ordering Licenses.  

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I love the support [in using ABCJesusLovesMe]! Support from Heidi, as well as the other families using the curriculum. Any questions are answered in such a prompt manner and I never feel like I am asking a silly question.    --Breanne on Facebook

Unit Studies

ABCJLM Unit Studies

Use the 4-9 week, mini curricula to explore individual topics in fun, engaging ways.   

  • Armor of God
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Travel Journal

Digital Downloads

ABCJLM Digital Downloads

Purchase printables not available online or in the printed Curriculum Workbooks to enhance the curriculum.

  • 3" Lowercase Letters
  • Character Training
  • Hand and Footprint Calendar
  • Road Trip Activity Workbook
  • We Are Learning...

Supplementary Workbooks

ABCJLM Elementary Materials 

Order the Visual Perception, Handwriting, and Bible Workbook to enhance learning for your family, church, daycare, preschool, or business.

Elementary-Age Materials

ABCJLM Elementary Materials 

Order Unit Studies and materials to further Biblical learning for children ages 5-10.

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