Preparing a Child for Kindergarten

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ABCJesusLovesMe™ provides carefully tailored, Bible-based learning materials designed to streamline planning, allowing you to invest more time in meaningful engagement with the preschoolers in your life. We offer a range of resources for both parents and teachers:

  • Preschool Curriculum - Our five research-based, comprehensive curricula encompass academic, developmental, and Bible-based learning. Families may opt for the free basic version, while everyone may select the Complete Curriculum, which is suitable for home, preschool, or church use.

  • Bible Curriculum - Assist the children in your church, preschool, or family in gaining a deeper understanding of the key stories of the Bible.

  • Unit Studies & Digital Downloads - Explore a variety of targeted, compact curricula and activity sheets designed for both your family and classroom.

  • Be Intentional Planners - Be filled and intentional with our unique spiral-bound planners.

  • Parent/Teacher Training Conferences and Videos - Gain valuable insights into practical and biblically-aligned approaches for disciplining and teaching your children and students.

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You're not alone on this journey. More than 13,000 adults in ABCJesusLovesMe™ Online Groups have chosen to walk this path together. Here, you can ask questions, share ideas, engage in conversations with our writer, Heidi, and benefit from the collective experiences of our extended ABCJLM family.

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Parenting to Impress Podcast

Parenting to Impress, your go-to podcast to learn practical ways to love God and love others, and impress this on the hearts of your children. Heidi Franz, the creator of ABCJesusLovesMe, is joined by her dear friend Melanie Simpson. Two moms who have made a lot of mistakes but have found grace and truth along the way.

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