5 Year Curriculum

The 5 Year Curriculum is a PreK program for children who are older or more advanced.  The 5 Year Curriculum Bible themes focus on the meaning behind the Scripture instead of simply memorizing Bible stories. The child will learn what the Bible is, who God is, ways that God desires to help us, and how we need to live.  The 5 Year Curriculum focuses on writing the letters and identifying the letters in words.  Each week contains a sight word taken from the "Fry Instant Word" list.  Academically, the child is introduced to many early elementary concepts - coins, clock, addition, weather, and so much more.  Gross and motor skill activities along with visual perception activities are also a part of this curriculum.

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"ABC Jesus Loves Me is a truly comprehensive curriculum. It should satisfy those who want to provide a structured learning for their little ones. It should also be useful to those who want to pick and choose ideas without using the complete curriculum. The Christian base of the curriculum makes it an excellent option for Christian preschools as well as families who want to build a faith-based foundation...."   ...Cathy Duffy of CathyDuffyReviews.com