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With a vast number of years in teaching and parenting, the possibilities are endless for topics Heidi can cover!  But in past conferences Heidi has spoken on topics for both parents and teachers to encourage better teaching, more fun, and classroom management. 

Below are a few of the conference sessions that Heidi has given to teachers and parents across the United States!  Which topics would you like to add to your next training or conference?

Heidi Franz Conference Review

How to Teach Academics

Typical Session Length:  4-6 hours

Research shows that what young children learn in preschool is the foundation for the rest of their lives. In this session, discover how to pull learning from play in such a way that young children don’t even realize they are learning.

How to Teach the Bible

Typical Session Length:  1-8 hours

The Bible can be confusing and even difficult for adults to understand. How then can we teach it to young children? Discover how to teach the truth of God’s Word in exciting, interactive ways so children understand who God is and what God does.

Biblical Discipline

Typical Session Length:  2-8 hours

We all want our children and students to develop into kind, responsible adults. According to the Great Commandments we know that God’s heart for all people, children included, is to love God through obedience and love others.  But how do we get there? The Bible has provided a plan. In this training session, learn how to confidently and lovingly discipline children in a way that honors God and the child.

How to Use the ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum in a Classroom

Typical Session Length:  4-8 hours

Discover how to quickly and simply incorporate the ABCJesusLovesMe Lesson Plans and activity sheets into your classroom in this highly asked for, practical training. You will learn how to customize the Lesson Plans and suggested schedules to best fit your students’ needs with minimal planning to maximize your focus on your students. 

Heidi Franz Conference Review

Bridging the Gap

Typical Session Length:  1-2 hours

With all of the conflicting information shared on social media and news outlets, it’s no wonder parents are confused when it comes to raising and educating their children. Teachers are now tasked with many aspects of childcare that, in years past, were assumed to be provided by parents. How then can teachers expand their understanding of their role in the classroom to account for these gaps in children’s care-giving? Your teaching team will learn best practices when it comes to communicating educational outcomes and current learning goals to parents. Staff members will also process key ways to keep parents informed about classroom and student activities. Also included in this session, encouragement and practical tips for filling this expanded role.

Partnering with Parents

Typical Session Length:  1-2 hours

We all believe that building a parent-teacher partnership is best for the student. But with the busyness of life and tug of war on our attention, it can be a challenge to bridge the gap. Learn how to empower parents and equip them to further the learning at home. Key objectives include identifying the different communication needs of parents and then applying that knowledge so that teachers are most effectively relaying important classroom information to them.

How to Have a Daily Quiet Time

Typical Session Length:  1-4 hours

God’s command to love Him and others requires that we fill ourselves with His Word. Time in our Bibles not only increases our understanding of who God is, but also grows our hearts for the people around us. But we cannot pour out what we don’t have. Determine why daily time in the Bible and prayer is important and how to dive in to grow spiritually. Learn practical tips for implementing a quiet time with God so that you can begin to draw near to Him!

What Preschoolers Aren’t Learning But Need to Know

Typical Session Length:  2-6 hours

With so much focus on ABC’s and 123’s, important life-skills are getting pushed to the side. Determine other vital learning aspects and how to incorporate them into your already full schedule. Teachers will learn how to maximize classroom time, combining educational goals with life-skill goals.

Why Are You Important?

Typical Session Length:  1 hour

Preschool teachers have an important role in children’s lives. Discover what that role is and just how important you are for the academic, spiritual, and developmental growth of your students.

Heidi Franz Conference Review
The What and How of Teachable Moments

Typical Session Length:  1 hour

Googling "Teachable Moments" leads to almost one million results! But what are teachable moments and how practical are they? In this session with ABC Jesus Loves Me creator Heidi Franz, learn what teachable moments are, when and where they occur, and why they are so important. Whether your child is very young or will soon be ready to leave the nest, you will learn to recognize these God-given, seemingly mundane moments, and discover how to turn them into learning opportunities.

Teaching the Little Ones in Your Care

Typical Session Length:  1-4 hours

It's easy to underestimate the learning potential of the toddlers and preschoolers in our care. In this session learn age-appropriate and practical ways to build a solid foundation of learning through play and be encouraged at how fun learning can be for you and the child.


Flourishing in Motherhood

Typical Session Length:  1-2 hours

For many, parenting isn't quite what we imagined it would be. Because the reality doesn’t match our vision of parenthood, it’s easy to slip into survival mode, wishing days away. But God has more in mind for parents! Join Heidi as she humbly shares what God has taught her in raising four children (two with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder). Be encouraged and equipped as Heidi tells how God led her from living in bitterness to flourishing in motherhood.


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  • How to Partner with Parents
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