ABCJLM Bible Curriculum

 Bible Curriculum

Ages:  3 - 6 years old

Learning:  Bible, Development

Description:  52-week Bible Curricula perfect for your Sunday School, preschool, or home.

Lessons contain such ideas as:

  • Bible scripts to tell the story to a small or large group of children
  • Active, age-appropriate activities
  • Snack options
  • Songs
  • Memory verses and songs
  • Crafts
  • Comprehension questions

Use:  The entire ABCJLM site, ideas, and attachments are for the teaching of your child in an immediate family, home setting.  Licenses are required for use with a child outside your legal guardianship. This includes all churches as well as nonprofit and for-profit businesses, daycares, and preschools.  Click to learn more about ordering Licenses.  

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Bible Curriculum

Old Testament Curriculum

The "Then They'll Grow" Preschool Bible Curriculum is comprised of 52 weekly Lesson Plans to teach children who God is through the stories in the Old Testament, as well as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. Each week provides a specific memory verse, song, activities, and Bible script to age-appropriately teach children the Bible story.  Written with groups in mind, the "Then They'll Grow" Curriculum is perfect for churches and preschools, but can be adapted for home use as well.


New Testament Curriculum

Coming Winter 2018

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