Apple Tree Number Posters Apple Number Tree Posters are a fun way to teach preschoolers numbers and 1:1 correspondence.  Because of the art involved, fine and gross motor skills are improved.  These posters are part of the 2 Year Curriculum and available in the 2 Year Workbook or the Basic 2 Year Curriculum.


Directions:  Each week decorate and then draw or add the appropriate number of apples to the Apple Tree Posters (finished example above).  At the end of the curriculum combine the posters to create a book. 

Ideas to Create Apples

apple stickers 

 Apple Rubber Stamp  (similar to this one)

Fingerprint - Stamp a fingerprint on the tree and draw a leaf and stem. 

  Owl Stickers or Birds Stickers (Thank you to Marie for sharing this idea.) 

Red Buttons (Thank you to Alicia for this idea.) 

Dot paints (Thank you to Amy for this idea.)


Additional Ideas

This idea came from Teresa. Thank you for sharing!

To add further learning to the Apple Tree Posters, decorate each tree with different art media.

#1 - color with crayons 

#2 - colored pencils

#3 - markers

#4  - paint with a paint brush 

#5 - fingerpaint 

#6  - glue corresponding construction paper shapes (leaves, trunk, basket)

#7 - tear and paste tissue paper

#8 - dot paints or outline the tree and basket with a black crayon and then paint with a mixture of corn syrup (very little needed), water, and food coloring

#9 - cut and glue construction paper squares

#10 - watercolors 

#11 - glue items found on a nature hike

#12 - glue on macaroni or other noodles (dye the noodles for extra color)

#13 - cover with material or felt pieces

#14 - paint with shaving cream and food coloring

#15 - paint using q-tips

The apples were added when the paint had dried. (The only problem I encountered was the stickers having more difficulty sticking to the paint. They could be reinforced with glue though.) The children enjoyed the activities and when it was all done, not only did they have a number book to count with, but it was also an appealing keepsake of artwork!

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