Cooking with Kids

Wrapping and Unwrapping

• wrap or unwrap potatoes in aluminum foil
• butter stick
• individual candy pieces (Make Kiss Cookies)
• wrapping biscuit or pastry dough around candy, hotdog, fruit, etc

• water between containers in a sink, bathtub or outside
• flour, sugar, milk, and other cooking ingredients into mixing bowl

• Begin with a very large container to stir in.  Place damp cloth under the bowl to help with slipping.
• Mix with hands - great sensory activity

• Show the child how to put one hand on top of the lid to hold it secure
• Make a milkshake, pudding, or fruit drink
• Make homemade icecream in a can

• Spread soft butter or jelly on bread or crackers
• Spread soft icing on cake


• Set the table
• Clear off the table
• Dust
• Put away toys



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