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"Eggs are a perfect Easter symbol, and a symbol of new life in Christ. Consider the following famous verse by St. Paul, “So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!” (2 Corinthians 5:17). Furthermore, the egg is an illustration the Resurrection itself – a chick emerging from its shell represents Jesus emerging from his tomb on Easter."1  Because children under this concept, eggs are a wonderful tool to help children understand the resurrection of Jesus.

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Resurrection Eggs

The idea behind Resurrection Eggs is that the eggs help tell the story of Jesus' last days on earth, His death, and His resurrection. It can be completed as a countdown to Easter or as a stand alone activity that you do all in one sitting. Most numbered egg contains a scripture verse (rolled up scroll style) and a corresponding trinket that relates to that part of the story.

Resurrection Eggs

Homemade Resurrection Eggs

There are various forms of Resurrection Eggs available to purchase or make. Each sets contains a variation of items and order leading up to the empty final egg.  Discover more and find a printable for Resurrection Eggs.

Purchase Resurrection Eggs

Various sets of Resurrection Eggs are available to purchase on Amazon,, and other websites.

Miss Pattycake

Miss Patty Cake: Eggstravaganza

In this music-filled video, Miss Patty Cake shares the Resurrection Eggs with the children..

Easter Egg Activities and Crafts

Easter Treasure Hunt

Easter Treasure Hunt

Geared for children ages 3-12, discover the true meaning of Easter by following a set of clues to a treasure.  The simple-to-follow printable includes directions, a supply list, and two sets of clues (preschool and elementary-age) creating a fun scavenger hunt.  

Dying Easter Eggs


Dye Easter Eggs to review colors and discover how to create new colors by mixing the dyes.

Tissue Paper Easter Egg

Tissue Paper Egg

Print off the Large Easter egg printable.   Paint a small section of the egg with water-downed glue.  Lay torn pieces of tissue paper on the egg.  Paint over the tissue paper.  Continue until the entire egg is covered.  Let dry.

Tissue Paper Watermark Egg

Tissue Paper Egg

Print off the Large Easter egg printable.   Paint a small section of the egg with vinegar.  Lay torn pieces of "bleeding" (vs. non-bleeding) tissue paper on the egg.  Paint over the tissue paper.  Continue until the entire egg is covered.  Let dry.  Peel off the tissue paper to find a soft surprise!

"He Lives" Make a Scene Easter

These are great for Easter baskets, for learning time, or for a Sunday School class..

Sensory Eggs 

Sensory Easter Egg Craft

Print the Egg Printable and glue on different textures to create a fun sensory activity.

Easter Eggs Learning Activities 

Learning with Easter Eggs

Ideas using Easter eggs to aid in learning math, letters, colors and while focusing on sensory and gross motor skills.

Letters - Write the capital letter on one half of the egg and the lowercase on the other.  Have the child match the letters.

Math - Basic hide and seek.  Then have the child count how many eggs he found.

Colors - Have the child seek only one color of eggs.

Matching - Mismatch the eggs together.  Have the child disassemble the eggs and reattach with the correct match. 

Gross Motor - Play catch with the egg.

Group Games - Provide each group of two with a towel to hold.  Play catch with the egg by tossing the egg between towels.

Race - Place the egg in a spoon and race to a designated spot without letting the egg drop.

Sensory - Place different items in the eggs to make different sounding shakers.  (May need to tape the egg shut.)  Shake with your favorite song.

Gross Motor - Place miniature golf with Easter eggs and a broom.

Letters and Numbers - Write a letter or number on a small piece of paper.  Place instead an egg.  Hide the eggs and have the child name the letter or number on the piece of paper.

Fine Motor - Paint with the eggs.  Open the opened egg to dip in paint to form circles.  Or, roll the egg around in fingerpaint.

Matching Sensory - Fill two eggs with the same item.  Create several more sets with different items.  Have the child shack the eggs and find the matching sounds.
Science - Place various items of weight inside the eggs.  Roll the eggs down a slope and compare times.

Gross Motor - Have an obstacle race with the child holding the egg with different body parts.  (i.e. under the chin, under the arm, between the wrist)

Vocabulary - Hide various items in the eggs.  They must use a descriptive word describing the item found in the egg.  (i.e. soft, blue, heavy, smooth)

Matching - Cut large stickers in half.  Place each half on an Easter egg.  Separate the eggs and have the child match the pictures. 

Easter Egg Books & Videos

The Golden Egg Book

"A Golden classic about a bunny—and a little duck that is about to hatch! A perfect gift for your child on Easter."

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Explains the Easter story in simple terms.

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