Fun pumpkin, candy corn, and other fall activities for preschoolers.

Shape Pumpkin Worksheet

Shape Pumpkin

Print the Shape Pumpkin.  Guide the child to color, count, and write the number of shapes on the lines.  Later in the week, allow the child to create her own Shape Pumpkin on the second page of the printable.

Adapted from Mrs. E

Pumpkin Paint Mixing Worksheet

Pumpkin Coloring Mixing

Print the Orange Pumpkin poster.  First, ask the child to identify the color of a pumpkin.  Then, add a dot of yellow and red fingerpaint to the poster.  Before painting the pumpkin, instruct the child to mix the colors to see a surprise appear.  For further learning, have the child cut out the pumpkin once dry. 

Pumpkin Paper Bag Craft

Pumpkin Paper Bag

Paint a paper lunch bag orange on all sides, leaving the top two inches to be painted green.  Let dry.  Stuff with crumpled up newspaper or grocery sacks.  Tie off the top with a green pipe cleaner and twist as the vine.  Optionally, add a jack-o-lantern's face.

Candy Cane Worksheet

Candy Corn & the Trinity

Print the Candy Corn worksheet.  Use a piece of candy corn to discuss the three colors using the words "top, middle, and bottom."  Color or paint the candy corn and then eat some candy corn as a treat.  Or cut it into three pieces and discuss the Trinity.

idea shared by Dina
Child painting pumpkins

Painting Pumpkins

Purchase little pumpkins and allow the child to decorate with paint, stickers, or other craft items. 

shared by melissa


Thanksgiving Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Pumpkin

For the month of October or November, write on a real or craft pumpkin.  Each day add one or more items that you are thankful for.  

shared by ginny

Three Apples Coloring Sheet

Paint Fall Apples

Take a field trip to the grocery store or an apple orchard and discuss the different colors of apples.  Compare and contrast the tastes.  Using the Fall Apples printable, paint or color the apples.

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