Hannah Prays Flannelgraph Bible Story

Hannah Prays Bible Story and Books:

Scripture:  I Samuel 1
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes: pg 148, 150
The Beginner's Bible:  pg 156
My Story Bible: pg 36-37
Through the Bible Felt pg 95


Hannah Prays Bible Verse:

I Thessalonians 5:17 - Pray without ceasing.  (Explain that ceasing means stopping.)
Tune: Hot Cross Buns
Pray without ceasing,  (Hands praying, one hand moves out to show "stop.")
Pray without ceasing,  (Hands praying, one hand moves out to show "stop.")
I Thessalonians (Form book with hands)
5:17  (Five fingers)

Tune:  Hush Little Baby
I Thessalonians 5:17
Pray without ceasing, pray without ceasing
I Thessalonians 5:17
Pray without ceasing, pray without ceasing
(Thank you to Lynn for sharing)


Hannah Prays Bible Songs and Poems:

• Whisper a Prayer (Traditional)
Whisper a prayer in the morning,
Whisper a prayer at noon.
Whisper a prayer in the evening,
He will keep your heart in tune.

God answers prayer in the morning,
God answers prayer at noon.
God answers prayer in the evening.
He will keep your heart in tune.

• Prayer Song (Original Source Unknown):
Tune:  Ten Little Indians

One little, two little, three little fingers
Four little, five little, six little fingers
Seven little, eight little, nine little fingers
Ten little fingers folded in prayer.

• I Have Ten Fingers (Adapted from unknown source)
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell

I have 10 fingers (hold up fingers)
They all belong to me (point to self with 10 fingers)
I can make them do great things (thumbs up)
Would you like to see? (point to eyes)

I can shut them tight (make a fist)
I can open them up wide (spread fingers wide)
Put them close together (place fingers together with palms in the air)
I can make them all go hide (place hands behind your back)

I can make them jump up high (hands in the air)
I can make them jump down low (hands on the floor)
Fold them oh so quietly (clasp hands together)
And hold them just so (place hands in lap)

• I'll Pray (Author Unknown)
Tune:  The Ants Go Marching In
When I'm feeling sad and blue, I'll pray!  I'll pray!
When I don't know what to do, I'll pray!  I'll pray!
God is with me every day.
God is listening when I pray.
So, I'll talk to God every day, I'll pray!


Hannah Prays Activities and Crafts:

- Praying Hands - Trace around each of the child's hands with fingers closed.  Cut out and glue together.  Write the Bible verse on one side.

- I Can Serve God with my Body I Can Serve God with My Body ( Adapted from Hands-On Bible Curriculum )
Using the Boy or Girl poster have the child identify the body parts.  Then ask the child, "How can you use your ____ to honor or do things for God?"  Explain that the Bible story this week is about a very special lady named Hannah.  She loved God with all of her heart; she used her mouth and hands to pray to God; she used her feet to go back and forth from church; she used her ears to listen to God.   Following the Bible story, allow the child to color the page.

- Bubblin' Up Heart Bubblin' Up (Adapted from Unknown Original Source)
Pour soapy water and food coloring in a shallow bowl.  Gather a drinking straw and the Heart printable.
"I have something very exciting to show you.  What do think will happen when I blow air into this liquid."  (Begin to blow bubbles.  Stop when the bubbles are a few inches high.)  "Wow!  What happened?"  (bubbles were created)  "See  how the bubbles are rising upward and piling on top of each other.  They are rising higher and higher!  That's what our prayer do.  When we pray and talk to God, our prayers rise up to heaven to God.  (Blow again to create more bubbles.)  God captures our prayers in His heart.  (Place the heart printable upside down on top of the bubbles.  The bubbles will pop leaving a colorful design on the paper. Show the child.)  God remembers our prayers and He promises to answer each one of them in His time and in His way.  Today we are going to read a story about a mommy who prayed and asked God to give her a son.  Let's turn in our Bibles to I Samuel 1 and read about Hannah."
Allow the child to make her own bubble heart after finishing the story.  Instruct the child to blow and not suck on the straw.

- Praying Hands Dot-to-Dot Praying Hands Dot-to-Dot (1-18)

- More ABCJLM Ideas on Prayer ...


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