One of the most difficult things about creating a webpage is coming up with the perfect title.  A friend of ours deserves the credit for naming this site ABC Jesus Loves Me.  I thought the name was a perfect blend of academics and Bible!  This page is a list of Jesus Loves Me activities.

Jesus Loves Me Song Lyrics

Jesus loves me! This I know,
For the Bible tells me so;
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

Jesus loves me! He who died,
Heaven's gate to open wide;
He will wash away my sin,
Let His little child come in.

Jesus loves me! loves me still,
When I'm very weak and ill;
From His shining throne on high,
Comes to watch me where I lie.

Jesus loves me! He will stay,
Close beside me all the way;
He's prepared a home for me,
And some day His face I'll see.

Jesus loves me when I'm good.
When I do the things I should.
Jesus loves me when I'm bad,
but it makes him oh so sad.


- ABCJLM Bible Coloring Sheets: Jesus and the Little Children

- Jesus Loves Me Print the " Jesus Love's _____" title page and add the child's name to the line.  Sponge paint with a heart.  Add and staple or bind all of the pages together to form a book.  Review the Bible stories as you look through the finished book.

- Heart Chain 5 Make a Paper Heart Chain
(This activity will require an adult to align the papers but the child can help cut and staple.) Cut a piece of paper in half creating two 11"x4 1/4" pieces.  Cut eleven 1" strips of colored paper measuring 4 1/4" long.  Lay two stripes together and staple at the bottom.  Fold the unstapled ends down and around to form a heart.  Lay another strip on each side of the bended stripes.  Align and staple the four-layer end.  Fold the unstapled ends to form a second heart.  Continue the process to form a chain of hearts. (Sometimes construction paper is too stiff to bend.  You may also use felt.)

Online Jesus Loves Me Activities:

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