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While teaching our children handwriting, I realized that ten simple formations create all 26 letters of the alphabet.  In using the same word for the pencil movements, I created these "chants" to help our kiddos.  The chants really stuck with them as they learned to correctly form the letters.  The Letter Formation Chants are now the foundation of the 3-5 Year ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum.


10 Formations to Create All Letters

  • body - blue line to red line
  • down - green line to red line
  • curve - "c" creation
  • bubble - bubble from one line to the next
  • hump - up, around, down
  • roof - horizontal line on blue line
  • floor - horizontal line on red line
  • blue - top line
  • green - bottom line
  • valley - "v" formation

Letter Formation Chants

A - pull down, pull down, across
a - little curve, down
B - body, bubble, bubble -or- bat, around the tree, around the tree
b - body, bubble -or- bat and a ball
C - big curve
c - little curve
D - body, around and back
d - little curve, body
E - body, head, arm, leg
e - dash, little curve
F - body, head, arm
f - staff with arms
G - big curve, dash
g - little curve, hook forward
H - body, body, hold hands
h - body, hump
I - body, roof, floor
i - down, dot
J - hook, roof
j - hook, dot
K - body, blue kick in, kick out
k - body, green kick in, kick out
L - body, leg
l - body
M - body, pick up, valley, body
m - down, hump 1, hump 2
N - body, pick up, valley
n - down, hump
O - big curve, close
o - little curve, close
P - body, bubble
p - green line, bubble
Q - big curve, close, add a tongue
q - little curve, hook backward
R - body, bubble, kick out
r - down with an arm
S - snake around, curve up
s - snake around, curve up
T - body, roof
t - down, cross
U - cup it up
u - cup it up then down
V - big valley
v - little valley
W - big valley, big valley
w - little valley, little valley
X - criss, cross
x - criss, cross
Y - a little bit down, a little bit down, all the way down
y - a little bit down, all the way down
Z - roof, zag back, floor
z - roof, zag back, floor

Disclaimer:  I created these chants for my family and am sharing them on this website.  Each chant is the copyright of ABCJesusLovesMe and JLM Media, LLC and may not be copied or reproduced.  You are welcome to share the link to this page.

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