Kk Poster Ideas:

K-King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle:

- Glue or place stickers of lions on the Kk Poster.  Discuss how the lion is called the King of the Jungle.




Additional Kk Poster Ideas:

- Glue diamonds to make little kites on the Kk Poster

- Glue pieces of Kleenex onto the Kk Poster

- Glue Kix cereal on the Kk Poster

- Paint with a Kleenex

Kk Activities:

- Use a magazine to cut out items that begin with the letter Kk.  Glue the pictures on the Kk Poster.

- Collect items for "My K Box" - Idea from My First Steps to Reading books

Kk Computer Activities:

Starfall Kk Computer Activity

Kk Books:

My K Book My "K" Book -  by Jane Belk Moncure - Be sure to use the phonetic sound of the letter and not the letter name when reading the book. When we come to a letter, I have my child read the phonetic sound of each letter.

K is for Kite: God's Springtime Alphabet - A precious alphabet book that teaching children about springtime and Easter through the Letter K.

Bug Went Ka-Choo Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!

The Kissing Hand The Kissing Hand

A Pocket Full of Kisses

Emma Kate

K Snacks and Foods:

- Kix cereal
- Koolaid
- Kolache, Krispy Kreme Donut
- Kisses
- Kettle Korn
- Kiwi


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