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Bubs' Kindergarten class gave me the idea of creating the My Color Books.  He enjoyed reading them so much that I decided to create my own and add them to the end of the 4 Year Curriculum.

Below are links to nine color books along with one blank book to create your own.  Each book contains a title, a place for the child to declare authorship (write their name), four sentences and pictures to match, and the words "The End."  All of the sentences follow the "A/An/The ______ is _______."  The pictures guide the child in reading the book.  The books are created so that you can print them front and back and have six total pages per book.

My Color Book Pages

Here are some ideas on using the book:

  • Have the child cut apart the pages (if not printed front and back, glue the pages onto construction paper to create a book.)
  • Color the title page the corresponding color
  • Have the child write their name on the 3rd page (blank line)
  • Color each picture the corresponding color
  • Staple the book
  • Help the child understand that each set of letters is a word
  • Read the book.  It won't take long until the child can read it himself/herself.

These books are part of the 4 Year Curriculum from weeks 25 to the end.

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