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The Bible says in Psalm 119:11 "I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you."

It is through knowing God's Word that we know who God is, what God does, who we are, and what we are to do. The Holy Spirit brings Scripture to mind to guide us in the choices we make.

As little sponges, it is so important to help children - in fun ways - hide God's Word in their hearts. 

Memory Verses Set to Song

Memory verses set to songs are the easiest way for most people to learn and remember.  There are amazing CD's available to help learn verses.  Below are my favorites:

 Hide 'Em In Your Heart Vol 1 CD by Steve Green
 Hide 'Em In Your Heart Vol 2 CD by Steve Green

 Seeds Family Worship - Currently there are 15 CD's from this ministry.  They are amazing with lively beat and fun melodies!  Each CD contains approximately 10-12 songs written specifically from Bible verses.  On the Seeds Family website, you can find a memory checklist and memory cards to print out.  Also available are ideas on how to use the Bible verses during family activities and chord sheets for every song.  Read a review at Parenting to Impress.

Memory Verse Teaching Tips

ABCJesusLovesMe YouTube Video
This section of an ABCJesusLovesMe Broadcast demonstrates how to teach a preschooler Colossians 3:23 with song and actions.  Then how to apply the verse to a craft also made in the ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum.

Scripture Reference
When practicing the weekly Bible verse, don't dismiss the scripture reference. Help the child remember the reference by displaying the numbers on their fingers. This is excellent fine motor practice as well (i.e. Genesis 1:1 - point "one" with one hand and then "one" with the other hand).

Preschoolers love to move!  Incorporate actions with the Bible verse to provide gross and fine motor development, further understanding of the verse, and activity! 

Use the same action for the same word in each verse (i.e. God - point up, Love - cross your hands over your chest, etc.).  Sign language is a method that our children use at church to learn their verses. Purchase sign language books or view online the movements for key words. 

I always use the sign for "book" while saying the scripture reference.  Remember to create a movement for key words only - not every word in the verse.

Visual Aids
Providing a visual for the Bible verse is especially helpful for children who are unable to read.  For example, draw a heart around the word "love" or draw a cross over the word for "Jesus."

Memorization Tools for Adults
Use the website or for downloadable apps check out iMemorize, Fighter Verses, or Remember Me.   Remember Me progressively hides more words as you go along.  Simply copy and paste chosen text into the programs to allow you to memorize scripture while standing in line at the grocery store, car-line, or waiting at the doctor's office.

Memory Verse Tools

All of the ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool and Bible Curricula contain weekly memory verses to coordinate with the Bible lesson.  Almost every verse includes a song to help aid in memory.  Add or subtract from the verse's length as needed to meet your child's memorizing ability.

Preschool Memory Verse Cards
Memory Verse cards are available for each curriculum to provide a visual and aid in memory.  Each Memory Verse Card, found in the Preschool Curriculum Workbooks or in the Bible Curriculum Digital Downloads, contain the verse, reference, and a corresponding picture.  Also listed is the week and curriculum the verse is used in the Lesson Plans (i.e. 4 Year, Week 6).  Each memory verse contains a different picture to aid in learning.

2 Year Memory Verse Lapbook 2 Year Memory Verse Lapbook2 

Create a Lapbook
Using a file folder, a lapbook is a fun way to further the learning and provide the child with hands=on activities for the verse.  Print this Memory Verse Lapbook example.  shared by falon

  Parenting with Scripture: A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments

Memory Verse Ideas

Christmas Memory Verse
On a large paper Christmas tree write a Christmas memory verse.  Cut out of construction paper Christmas packages to add under the tree.  Allow each child to place a package under the tree when he/she can say the memory verse.


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