ABCJLM Be Intentional Planner

Be Intentional Planners - $15

Ages:  10 to 100


~ Mid-Year Planner
          Large Size - 8.5 x 11"

Traditional 12-Month Planners (Available Fall 2023)
          Small Size - 7 x 8.5"
          Large Size - 8.5 x 11"

ABCJLM Crayon Got my planner and I love it!! The layout is super cute, yet practical and thorough! The example pages are helpful and I've already started filling in a few dates.  💕 Thanks.  - Erin on Facebook

Mid-Year Be Intentional Planner  Buy Now

Large Planner - 8.5 x 11"  from July 2022-June 2023

Monthly Calendars

The weekly sections correspond to each of the eleven months so you can organize activities, appointments, and vacations. Ahead of each month is a page set apart for taking notes with lined and unlined sections so you can make lists, track thoughts, record phone conversations, or even record moments you don't want to forget.

Weekly Pages

Provided on the Weekly Pages is space to write hourly activities, a to-do list for all seven days, and basic planning.  They also provide space for a shopping list and an area for tracking the progress of goals. Example pages provide ideas to best use the planner, but you're free to personalize the pages to your unique needs.  Each weekly page also includes a Scripture verse and reminder of who God is.  

Year in Advance

The spiral-bound planner is surrounded by doubled, heavy cardstock. Simply tape or glue the cardstock together at the bottom to create two pockets, perfect for holding cards, receipts, or important papers.  The "Year In Advance" pages conclude the planner providing space to draft notes for the following year.  Write goals, appointments, and vacation times to easily transfer into next year's planner.


Just a note to say thanks for creating the [Be Intentional] planner! Someone gifted me one last year and I absolutely loved it! ...The habit tracking chart in yours was so instrumental in helping me reach goals and create habits this year. ...I can't imagine ever switching from [the Be Intentional Planner.] --Beth