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Christmas Advent Activity Workbook

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Keep Jesus the focus of Christmas with the completely redone 41-page Christmas Advent Activity Workbook Digital Download, 2nd EditionDesigned primarily for children aged 3-12, this versatile unit can be tailored to suit individuals of all ages and group sizes, imparting the cherished characteristics of Jesus and making it a delightful holiday resource for your family, church, or preschool. 

๐ŸŽ„ Craft a Countdown-to-Christmas Tree
At the heart of this workbook is the interactive Christmas tree-building activity. Create a unique Advent Christmas tree using Legos, paper strips, or other suggested materials. Watch it come to life as you add a new element each day, symbolizing the journey towards Christmas.

๐Ÿ“… 25 Engaging Daily Activity Guides 
Starting from December 1st (or whenever suits your schedule), our downloadable guide will lead you through daily activities that delve into the wonderful characteristics of Jesus. Over the course of 25 days, you'll engage in a variety of activities, including crafting delightful creations, singing heartwarming Christmas carols, baking delicious treats, and enjoying engaging games. Everything you require for these activities, from worksheets to creative concepts, is readily available at your fingertips.

๐ŸŽถ Sing Along with Video Tutorials 
To enhance the learning experience, we've included videos featuring each song along with corresponding actions. Your children or students will delight in singing along and actively participating. QR codes and links to these videos are conveniently provided within each lesson, ensuring a seamless and engaging journey.

๐Ÿงต Easy Supplies and Recipes Included 
We understand the importance of accessibility, which is why we've included a supply list and delectable recipe cards for the suggested activities. Rest assured, there's no need to stress about gathering materials; feel free to supplement or substitute with items readily available in your home or classroom. Embrace the joy of the holiday season with ease

We really enjoyed the Christmas Advent Workbook. Myself, my husband, and the 2 kids all loved it.  It led into lots of conversations with my older children, yet was easy for the youngest to stay engaged.  And it wasn't stressful to prepare for! It made for such a nice family time during the holiday season. We were sad for it to end.  - Janette

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Make this Christmas a truly meaningful and fun experience for your family, church, or preschool with our Christmas Advent Activity Workbook Digital Download, 2nd Edition. Keep Jesus at the heart of your holiday celebrations while enjoying memorable activities together. Download your copy today and embark on a journey of faith, creativity, and festive joy!

We are LOVING the Christmas Activity Workbook! It’s the perfect length of time to keep my littles engaged! I love that there’s a simple activity for each day. We have been repeating each characteristic every day and adding motions to help learn them and I am impressed with what my littles are retaining. Thank you for this!  - Larissa on Facebook



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The Christmas Advent Activity Workbook Digital Download, 2nd Edition, is a versatile resource suitable for individuals of all ages, focusing on the characteristics of Jesus during the holiday season. It includes a unique Christmas tree-building activity, 25 daily activity guides, video tutorials for singing along with corresponding actions, and easy-to-follow supply lists and recipe cards for suggested activities. Perfect for churches or preschools, this workbook keeps Jesus at the center of Christmas celebrations.

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