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We know it can be scary to take the reins and lead the way in educating children.  That's why when you choose the ABCJesusLovesMe Curricula, we commit to guide you along the path.  Heidi's passion is to equip you with tools to successfully teach the child in your life.  

Two levels are training are available.  

1.  FREE Teaching and Discipline Videos

     ~ How to Teach the Bible     
     ~ How to Teach a Child to Sit Quietly for Learning and First-Time Obedience
     ~ How to Teach Academics and Handwriting
     ~ How to Grow a Reader
     ~ and many more...

2.  Parent and Teacher Conferences

Heidi travels around the United States to preschools, churches, and conferences training parents and teachers.  Virtual conferences also available.

Wow oh wow! Heidi put on a fantastic conference!   Full of practical tools that you can immediately implement into your home. Heidi's presentation of her well-researched material was clear and organized.   ...You will learn so much about parenting no matter how old your kids are.   ...If you get a chance, you must attend one of Heidi's Conferences!     --Leslie


Upcoming Events

Oklahoma Conference

Tulsa, Oklahoma

RESCHEDULED - Look for dates to be released soon.

8.5 Hour Conference Covering:

  • Biblical Discipline
  • Creating a Positive Learning Environment
  • Using Teachable Moments
  • How to Teach



Arizona ABCJesusLovesMe Conference


Friday, February 4, 2022

8 Hour Conference Covering:

  • Biblical Discipline
  • Classroom Management

This a private conference.


Kansas - KAIRS Conference

Saturday, March 5, 2022

5 Hour Conference Covering:

  • Why You are Important
  • Great Expectations for Your Classroom
  • Partnering with Parents
  • Bridging the Gap

This a private conference.


"Heidi's breakout sessions at the Iowa NICHE Conference were great and so helpful. If you ever get a chance to go hear her speak in person do it!"   --Breanne

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In anonymous evaluations, 99% of attendees desire to attend another training and suggest conferences led by Heidi!

  • "Clear presentation delivered in step-by-step format.  My Saturday was well spent with Heidi."  -- Kansas Conference Attendee
  • "It was AMAZING!"  --Arkansas Conference Attendee
  • "Heidi was wonderful in every aspect that she taught."
  • "I left feeling like I had experienced a master class in teaching not only the ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum but also generally with very young children." 
  • "Heidi went above and beyond expectations.  She was very engaging.  This training was the best I've ever had in this field."  -- Arizona Virtual Conference Attendee
  • "This conference exceeded my expectations.  The information was presented in a very accessible, relatable way.  The tools for discipline and Bible teaching are invaluable.  I  am so excited to use them!    --Texas Conference Attendee
  • "Heidi has an amazing stage presence and voice.  I was captive and alert the entire presentation."  -- Georgia Conference Attendee
  • "This was hands down my favorite conference that I've been to.  Thank you for the purity that you execute these conferences.  The passion is inspiring!  I'm leaving so full and encouraged in places I haven't felt!"  --Houston Conference Attendee


Heidi's Treasured Subjects

  • Godly Parenting and Discipline
  • How to Teach Academics
  • How to Teach the Bible So Children Understand It
  • The Why and How of Pre-Reading
  • Why Teaching the Bible is Important for Children
  • Making the Most of Your Quiet Time
  • How to Lead Preschool Worship So Children Have Fun and Learn
  • Why is Preschool Education Important
  • What are Teachable Moment and How to Use Them for Lasting Effects
  • How to Partner with Parents
  • Did You Know Educating Parents is Part of Your Job?
  • Classroom Management for Maximum Learning
  • How to Teach Songs so Children Remember Them for Life
  • Flourishing in Motherhood
  • How to Use Flannelgraph to Tell the Bible
  • How to Teach Handwriting

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My husband and I attended an ABCJLM conference.  Heidi did a wonderful job presenting on biblical discipline and how to teach little ones. It was so helpful to attend the conference together and be able to discuss what we learned. We learned very practical tools for disciplining and instructing our kids. I would highly recommend going to one of these conferences as a couple because it helps so much to be on the same page when disciplining and training our children. Plus, it was a fun get away weekend! --Katie on Facebook