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Items Needed:

Worksheets: Blue Worksheet, Elephant Craft
Books: Bible, When the Elephant Walks
Activities: Sorting toyjumbo paintbrush, paint, blue colored food, spaghetti, glue, toys to create a line, blue jumbo crayon, pop bottle, scissors



Bible Theme: God Made the World Around Me
Lesson :  Plants

Bible Story: Creation Day 3
Scripture: Genesis 1
Read & Share Toddler Bible 
ABCJLM Interactive Bible Stories

Verse: Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Tune: Are You Sleeping
In the beginning, (2x)
God created (2x)
The heavens and the earth (2x)
Genesis 1:1 (2x)

Bible Song: B-I-B-L-E (Traditional)
The B-I-B-L-E (make book with hands)
Yes, that’s the book for me (nod “yes”)
I stand alone on the Word of God (pretend to stand firm)
The B-I-B-L-E
Bible! (shout)

Poem: Pat-a-Cake (Traditional)
Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Roll it, pat it, and mark it with a B,
Put it in the oven for baby and me
Change the "B" to the first letter of the child's name and the word "baby" to the child's name.

Color: Blue
Shape: Line
Letters: A-G
Number: 1
Information: First Name
Self-care and Manners: Say "Please"

Book of the Week:
When the Elephant Walks by Keiko Kasza

Fine Motor Skill:  Sorting Toy
Gross Motor Skill:  Jump



Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
- Flower Foot and Hand Craft Create a flower with a handprint as the flower and feet prints as the leaves.  Can do several handprints as leaves and add a pot if desired (as pictured).

- Pop Flowers Dip the bottom of a pop bottle into paint and stamp onto a piece of paper.  Dip the pop bottle lid into black paint to make the center of the flower.  Add lines for a stem and leaves. (Thank you The Amazing Mess for this idea.)

- Creation Fingerplay
On Day 1 (On numbers - put corresponding fingers in the air)
God created light (close fists and then quickly open in the air and bring down to side creating arches)
On Day 2
God created the sky (wave arms in the air) and water (make waves with hands)
On Day 3
God created land (with palms facing the floor, run hands flat in front of you) and plants (place one fist inside the other and pop the one fist through the other - sign language for plant)

• Color:
- Blue Flag  Color one of the ABCJLM Blue Worksheets with a blue jumbo crayon.
- Eat blue food:  Blueberries, blue popsicles, Berry Blue Jello
- Do a Color Walk: Walk around the house or neighborhood looking for the color blue.  Take a blue flashcard or crayon with you to remind the child of the color

• Shape:
- Paint Lines On a piece of paper, glue spaghetti pieces approximately 1” apart. Once dry, place the page on a vertical surface.  Holding the child's index finger, help him trace the spaghetti pieces while saying "line."  Then, use a jumbo paint brush loaded with lots of blue paint and paint solid lines on the spaghetti starting at the top of the paper and moving down.  Halfway through, turn the paper horizontally and paint from left to right.  (Use vertical spaghetti to teach the number one as well.) Thank you Georgia for this idea.

- line Using blocks, cars, trains, books, dominoes, or other toys create long, straight lines.  Have the child trace over the line when finished.

• Memory Verse, Song, Poems, Letters, and Information:  Because the suggested activities rarely change in these five objectives, they will only be listed in the "Objectives" and not in the "Suggested Activities" portion of the Lesson Plan unless additional information is needed.   Continue as suggested. 

• Number:
Using the Apple Tree #1 worksheet, point and count the apples on the tree.  Continue to point and count items throughout the day.

• Self-Care and Manners:
Help the child remember to say "please" before each request.  Saying "please" shows respect and helps create a positive and polite tone of voice.

• Book of the Week:
- Elephant Circle Craft Elephant Craft - Use the template to create this fun craft.  Point out all of the circles used in this craft.

- Shape Elephant Shape Elephant - Paint a gray circle.  Glue two rectangles (lines as legs), triangle (ear), and semi-circle (trunk) along with a googly eye to the circle to form an elephant. (Thank you to Lindsay for the idea, adapted from here.)

• Fine Motor Skill:
- Play with a sorting toy.  Talk about the different colors and shapes.  Always allow the child as much opportunity to do the activity by themselves as possible.  A little frustration and work make success so much greater.  Only aid when needed but in small doses.

• Gross Motor Skill:
Jump forward.  Act like a frog or kangaroo.

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