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Items Needed:

Books: The Tortoise and the Hare, The Little Engine That Could, Enemy Pie, What Do You Do with a Tail Like This?
Activities:  Alphabet Cereal, Block to Block, soft ball, sidewalk chalk



Theme: The Lord's Prayer

Books of the Bible: Genesis - Zephaniah

Sight Words: I, a, the, of, you, and, is, in, was, to, that, it, on, for, he, are, as, with, his, have, they, be, at

Fine Motor Skill:  Draw What I Draw
Gross Motor Skill:  Catch
Visual Perception Skill: Block-to-Block


Suggested Activities:

• Letters:
Buy a box of Alphabet Cereal and learn as you eat!
- Find the letters in the child’s name and put them in order.

- Play “I Spy” – Lay out several letters from the cereal.  Tell your child:  I spy the letter “f.”  I spy a letter that says /t/.  I spy a letter that is the first letter in the word “dog.”

• Fine Motor Skills:
Draw "Draw What I Draw" - With sidewalk chalk outside or markers inside, have your child copy what you draw and then reverse.  Remember to start with simple lines and then progress to simple shapes.

• Gross Motor Skills:
Blue Ball Play catch with a soft ball, pillow, or stuffed animals.

• Visual Perception Skill:
Difficulty 3 Block to Block

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