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Items Needed:

Books: Harold and the Purple Crayon, Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, The Tale of Three Trees
Activities:  Letter flashcards, Easter Eggs or candy, fingerpaint, Block-to-Block, construction paper, glue



Theme: Bible

Books of the Bible: Old Testament Books of the Bible

Sight Words: I, a, the, of, you, and, is, in, was, to, that, it, on, for, he, are, as, with, his, have, they, be, at, this, from, or

Fine Motor Skill:  Fingerpaint
Gross Motor Skill:  Memory Obstacle Course
Visual Perception Skill: Block-to-Block


Suggested Activities:

• Math:
Make patterns using Easter Eggs or Legos.

•  Science:
Flower Mountain Activity  Using this image as the example, create a flower and mountain art piece made of construction paper.   Have the child cut out the basic shapes (sun - circle, mountain - triangles) and glue onto a piece of paper.  Add flowers with a fingerprint and then draw stems and leaves.

• Letters and Numbers:
- Sequence lowercase and uppercase letters (A-Z)

- Hide Easter Eggs filled with pieces of paper with numbers and letters on them.  Once the eggs are found, have your child name the number or letter's name and sound.  When all are found, have your child put numbers or letters in sequential order.

Fine Motor Skills:
Fingerpaint various letters, numbers, and shapes.

• Gross Motor Skills:
Create a Memory Obstacle Course asking your child to bring specifically colored Easter eggs.  If the child is ready, ask him to bring two colors.

• Visual Perception Skill:
Block-to-Block Activity Block to Block

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