Brother and sister looking at the Bible. image by melissa

Teaching a child about the Bible can be daunting. Where do you begin?  What do you say?  When do you say it?  How can I get the child to sit still long enough?   Discover simple teaching tips to help children understand what the Bible is, who Jesus is, and how to learn memory verses and Bible songs.   Below are a list of FREE videos to empower you to teach.

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How to Use Flannelgraph to Teach Children the Bible

How to Tell Bible Stories to Children

How to Teach Memory Verses and Make Them Applicable

How to Choose a Children's Bible

How to Teach Songs to Children

How to Teach a Child to Sit Quietly for Bible Time

Old Testament Books of the Bible Song

New Testament Books of the Bible Song

An Inside Look at the ABCJesusLovesMe Sunday School Curriculum

Jesus Calms the Storm Preschool Bible Time

New Testament Curriculum

Teach the ministry and miracles of Jesus in the New Testament Curriculum.

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3 Year Curriculum

Develop a solid foundation of learning with your preschooler.

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Prayer Verses

Pray Scripture over your children with this printable.

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Visual Perception

Discover how to build a solid foundation of biblical discipline.

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Hand & Footprint Calendar

Create a memorable gift with a personal touch.

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