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I know it can be scary to take the reins and lead the way in educating children.  That's why when you choose the ABCJesusLovesMe Curricula, I commit to guiding you along the path.  My passion is to equip you with tools to successfully teach the children in your life.  Below are a list of FREE video playlists to empower you to be intentional.

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The ABCJesusLovesMe website and the Parenting to Impress blog, along with all resources under these names, are for your general and education purposes only. If the subject matter raises any concerns for you or a child, please seek professional advice.  


How to Teach a Child to Sit Quietly for Reading and Learning


Teaching a Child Accountability and Follow Through


What is God's Plan for Biblical Parenting?


Teaching First-Time Obedience


How to Stop Tantrums


The How and Why of Setting Boundaries for Children


Setting Boundaries for Children and How to Use the Uh-Oh System


How to Survive Restaurants and Church with Wiggle Children


How to Create an Afternoon Quiet Time


Best Parenting Tips I've Received:  Part 1


Best Parenting Tips I've Received: Part 2


Making Summer Fun Without Losing Your Mind

Teaching Your Child Self-Control


Visual Perception

Discover how to build a solid foundation of biblical discipline.

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Character Training

Teach valuable character traits with this printable.

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We are Learning

Make combining curricula easy with this printable.

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