Baby Moses

Bible, Books, Videos:

Scripture:  Exodus 1-2:10
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes :  pg 80-83
The Beginner's Bible :  pg 92-97
My Story Bible :  pg 22-23
Through the Bible Felt :  pg 45

ABCJLM Activities and Crafts:

- Baby Moses Reeds "Baby in the Basket" Craft: Print the Baby Moses Craft page.  Color and cut out each piece.  Cut a piece of blue construction paper in half.  Glue on the reeds.  Glue the baby in the basket and glue in front of the reeds.

- Baby Moses Grass " Baby in the Basket" Craft: Print the Baby Moses Craft page and color and cut out the basket and baby.  Cut a piece of blue construction paper in half.  Glue the baby in the basket and glue both in the middle of the paper.   Cut a piece of green construction paper approximately 3" wide.  Draw vertical lines on the back of the green paper 1/2" apart stopping the lines 3/4" from the bottom.  Have the child cut the lines being careful to stop at the end of the drawn vertical line.  Roll the cut "grass" around a pencil to curl.  Glue to the blue construction paper.  Add the title "God Watched Over Baby Moses."

- Baby Moses Snack
Place pretzel sticks at the bottom of a paper bowl.  Cut a banana in half for the body used two chocolate morsels for eyes.  Cut a Fruit by the Foot piece to cover the other end of the banana as the blanket.   Use green sour strings for the reeds and lay them around the bowl.  Tell the story of Baby Moses while making the snack. Thank you Erin for sharing this idea.

Jesus is Always with Me
Have the child choose five things in the room to bring to you.  Place the items in a small area on the floor and place a small blanket over the items.
Ask the child:
- Can the objects be seen?
- Are the objects still there even though they can't be seen?
- How do you know that the objects are still there?
Remove the blanket.  Tell the child:  "This week's memory verse says, 'When I am afraid, I will trust in you.'"  Even though we can't see Jesus, we know He is always with us."

With the objects gathered, turn this activity into a memory game.  Without the child watching, remove one object.  Have the child figure out which object is missing.  For greater difficulty, remove more than one object or add similar items.


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