Cain and Abel Bible Story

Objective: God will help me stay calm even when I am upset.


Cain & Abel Bible and Books:

Scripture:  Genesis 4
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes : pg 22
Through the Bible Felt :  pg 7-8


Character Trait:

Definition:  Being calm at appropriate times; still
Opposite:  Holding grudges; jealous; fighting and in disagreement; angry
Big Thoughts for Little People :  Letter Q


Cain & Abel Bible Verse:

Romans 12:21 - Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Steve Green – Hide 'Em In Your Heart, Vol 1 - #4


Cain and Abel Activities and Crafts

- ABCJLM Bible Coloring Sheets: Cain and Abel

- Discussing Murder with Preschoolers:
I believe there is a very fine line between sugar coating and giving a child more information than he/she is emotionally ready for. When I teach this story to children, I use the words "hurt him very, very bad." I believe this is easier for children to relate to anyway. The concept of death and finality of it isn't a concept grasped until elementary age. Thus in my mind, there is not a reason to explain it to preschoolers. For me, this story is more than just murder. This is story of anger, lacking self-control, disobedience, and trying to hide the truth from God. I would focus on there.

- Use this story to discuss tithing.  The main point behind tithing is that all we have is God's and not ours.  He asks that we give back to Him through tithing with a happy heart.

- My Giving Bank:  Make a bank out of a cylinder container.  Cut a slit in the lid.  Decorate and write, "I Can Give to God."  Place coins and money in the bank to give to your church, missionaries, or other ministries.

• Fine Motor Skill:
Heart Envelope Craft Cut and Create My Heart Envelope for God
Create an envelope from the Heart Envelope template.  Follow the directions on the pdf.  Allow the child to fill the envelope with money to give to God during the church offering.  Discuss how God asks us to give an offering to Him just like He asked Cain and Abel to.


Telling the Story of Cain and Abel:

Color and cut out the faces on the Teaching Emotions printable (in the 4 Year Workbook), and then glue onto popsicle sticks for strength.   Use to tell the story.  Also, use flannelgraph (40, 54) or puppets to represent Cain and Abel.

Today’s story is filled with a lot of emotions.  

There is anger.  Show me the angry face.   
There is sadness.  Show me the sad face.
There is surprise.  Show me the surprised face.
And there is happiness.  Show me the happy face.  

These two men are named Cain and Abel.  They are the sons are Adam and Eve – the first man and woman God created.   While Cain and Abel are brothers, they are very different.  

Cain was the oldest and he was a farmer.  He liked to plant seeds and watch them grow and produce yummy fruit and vegetables.  

Abel was a shepherd.  He took care of the sheep.  What do sheep say?  (Baa!)  

Just like we take money to church to give to God, Cain and Abel brought gifts to God.  

Abel brought the best lamb he had for God.  This made God very happy because God knew that Abel loved and trusted Him.  Show me the happy face.  

Cain brought fruit and vegetables as an offering to God.  God knew that Cain did not bring his best gift to God and God was sad by Cain’s offering.  Show me the sad face.  

Instead of Cain asking forgiveness, he got angry.  Really angry.  Show me the angry face.  

Instead of making the right choice, Cain was so angry that he hurt his brother Abel!  He hurt him really bad.  Are you surprised?  I am too! Show me the surprised face.   

Instead of having peace with his brother, Cain was jealous of Abel.  He was angry that God liked Abel’s offering but didn’t like his.  

But it gets worse!  God knew what Cain had done yet Cain lied to God about it.  That is really sad because God knows everything.  He knew what really happened.  Show me the sad face.

When we get angry, don’t have self-control, and don’t obey, we can remember from this story that bad things will happen.  We need to say we are sorry and be calm even if we don’t want to be.  


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