Fire Fighter Craft
Pretend to be a fire fighter and put out the fire.  Place drops of red and yellow paint randomly on white paper. Using a straw, blow the paint around on the paper.  Observe how blending red and yellow paint produce the color orange.

“Wheels on the Fire Truck” Song
Sing the “Wheels on the Bus” substituting fire truck with bus.  Add in fire words:  sirens go woo-woo, ladders go up and down, fire fighter say “put it out.”

“Create a Fire Truck” Puzzle
Color and cut out the shapes in the Fire Truck worksheet. Give the shapes to the child to form a fire truck.

Stop, Drop, and Roll
Practice what to do in case your clothes catch on fire.

Fire Prevention
Discuss ways to prevent fires (i.e. do not play with matches; keep items away from the fireplace, stove, and candles).  Also discuss an exit route out of your home in case of a fire.  Designate a single meeting place that is a safe distance away from your home (i.e. big oak tree, well house, a neighbor’s front yard.)  Practice your escape plan once a month.

Dial 911
Children need to know how to get a hold of the police department, fire department, and hospital in case of an emergency.  Now that the child can recite his phone number and address, the child is ready to practice this.  Have the child dial a play phone and tell the “dispatcher” his name, the emergency, and the address of his home.  This is also the time to discuss what denotes an emergency and that 911 is never to be called for any other reason that a true emergency.

Handprint Fire Fighters  (Reprinted with permission)
Make a print of the child’s hand with paint.  Add circles for the heads with hats on top.  Draw the faces.  Add a black hose through the fingers with arms holding the hose.  Using blue glitter glue add the water splashing from the end of the hose.


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