Purple Activity and Coloring Posters:
Click to print: Purple Balloon
Purple Grapes
Purple Shirt
Purple Butterfly
Purple Flower

ABCJLM Purple Ideas:
- Paint or color the Pp Poster purple.

Color Song:
P-U-R-P-L-E (Author Unknown)
Tune:  Happy Birthday

Yes that spells purple

- Purple (Author Unknown)
Tune:  Skip to My Lou
Purple, purple had to burple
Purple, purple had to burple
Purple, purple had to burple
Oh you silly colors.


My Purple Book - The "My Color Books" each contain a title, a place for the child to declare authorship (write their name), four sentences and pictures to match, and the words "The End."  All of the sentences follow the "A/An/The ______ is _______."  The pictures guide the child in reading the book.  The books are created so that you can print them front and back and have six total pages per book.  These books are specifically used at the end of the 4 Year Curriculum.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Snacks and Foods:
- Purple Grapes, grape popsicle, grape jelly
- Purple cabbage
- Plums

Computer Activities:

Other Ideas on the Web:

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