• Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook
  • Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook

Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook

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  • Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook


Searching for a meaningful way to teach your child or students about the true significance of Christmas? Look no further than the Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook! This workbook, bursting with 37 colorful pages, is designed to make the connection between your child's favorite day - their birthday - and the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

🎉 Celebrate Jesus' Birthday in Style:
This delightful workbook is packed with fun activities, heartfelt conversations, and even delicious snacks, making it the perfect tool to celebrate Jesus' birthday with your family and friends. Whether you're looking to create a new tradition at home, use it in your classroom, or as part of a church outreach event, the Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook has ideas suitable for preschool and elementary-aged children, ensuring a meaningful and memorable Christmas experience.

🌟 Rediscover the True Meaning of Christmas:
In a world filled with holiday commercialism, it's easy for Christmas to lose its focus. As a dedicated Christ follower, you understand the importance of preserving the true spirit of the season. That's why we've created the Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook - to help parents and teachers instill the knowledge that Jesus is the most precious gift of all.  At the heart of this workbook is the celebration of Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of God who gave His life for our salvation. As you engage with the workbook's activities, recipes, and ideas throughout December, you'll guide your children to shift their focus from "me" to Jesus, teaching them that Christmas is a time to celebrate His birth.

🥳 Host a Happy Birthday Jesus Party:
What's more festive than a birthday party? A Happy Birthday Jesus Party! This workbook provides simple yet meaningful activities like crafts, games, reading the Christmas story, and even unique recipes for Happy Birthday Jesus cakes that provide a fantastic opportunity to share the Gospel. The workbook includes age-appropriate explanations and a "Continuing the Conversation of Salvation" section for those children who may feel a calling to dedicate their lives to the Lord after hearing the Gospel message.

🎈 Simple Planning:
The Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook is designed to be a guide, not a source of stress. Use these ideas as a springboard to create unique and personalized celebrations. We hope that these traditions will enrich your family's Christmas season for years to come.  Engage your children in the process of planning the Happy Birthday Jesus party, emphasizing that Jesus was once a baby just like them. Involve them in preparations, give out invitations, and consider making or decorating cakes with Happy Birthday Jesus themes. Encourage a spirit of giving by involving the children in crafting gifts for those in need within your community.

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Rediscover the joy of Christmas by celebrating the birth of Jesus in a way that creates lasting memories and deepens a child's understanding of the true meaning of this special holiday. Get your Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook today and embark on a Christmas journey like no other! 🎄🎁

Green Crayon  The Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook has all the things needed to plan a party from start to finish, with options to work for many different situations.  The scripts connect Jesus' birthday with the child's birthday providing concrete examples that are so important to children.  --Jill, Preschool Director



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The Happy Birthday Jesus Workbook is a meaningful tool to teach children the true significance of Christmas by connecting their own birthdays to the birth of Jesus. It's filled with fun activities, heartfelt conversations, and snacks, making it perfect for celebrating Jesus' birthday with family and friends, suitable for preschool and elementary-aged children. This workbook helps shift the focus from commercialism to the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth and offers ideas for hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus Party, providing an opportunity to share the Gospel and create lasting traditions for the Christmas season.

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