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Are your parents, teachers, and group needing a dose of encouragement and practical tips? 

Heidi's passion to empower adults is just what you need. Traveling around the United States, Heidi loves speaking to preschools, churches, and in other settings to train parents and teachers to be intentional with the children in their lives.  Virtual conferences also available.

All events are tailored specifically to your needs.  So, it's time to begin dreaming about your perfect conference.

Whether you are interested in hosting your own event or attending a public event, we look forward to meeting you!  We believe you will leave inspired.  But don't just take our word for it.  Read the glowing reports below!

What Others are Saying

In anonymous evaluations, 99% of attendees desire to attend another training and suggest conferences led by Heidi!

  • "Clear presentation delivered in step-by-step format.  My Saturday was well spent with Heidi."  -- Kansas Conference Attendee
  • "It was AMAZING!"  --Arkansas Conference Attendee
  • "Heidi was wonderful in every aspect that she taught."
  • "I left feeling like I had experienced a master class in teaching not only the ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum but also generally with very young children." 
  • "Heidi went above and beyond expectations.  She was very engaging.  This training was the best I've ever had in this field."  -- Arizona Virtual Conference Attendee
  • "This conference exceeded my expectations.  The information was presented in a very accessible, relatable way.  The tools for discipline and Bible teaching are invaluable.  I am so excited to use them!    --Texas Conference Attendee
  • "Heidi has an amazing stage presence and voice.  I was captive and alert the entire presentation."  -- Georgia Conference Attendee
  • "This was hands down my favorite conference that I've been to.  Thank you for the purity that you execute these conferences.  The passion is inspiring!  I'm leaving so full and encouraged in places I haven't felt!"  --Houston Conference Attendee
  • "Heidi's presentation EXCEEDED our expectations, and that is not just coming from me. We got incredible feedback from the participants. An older woman came up to me at church yesterday, and said, "My daughter went to the seminar yesterday and she called me for 50 minutes on her drive home, telling me every single thing she learned and how she's going to apply it to her parenting plan. She was so excited!  We'd love to do a follow up conference."  -- Tracy, California Conference  


Heidi's Treasured Subjects

With years of experience in teaching and parenting, Heidi has crafted conferences tailored to both parents and educators, aiming to inspire better teaching, foster more enjoyment on the journey, and improve behavior and classroom management. Below are the frequently requested sessions, or click to explore detailed descriptions of past conference topics.

Tier 1:  Foundational Conference – 5-6 hours
Perfect Play-Based Teaching for ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum Integration

Tier 2:  Mastery Conference – 7-9 hours
Explore Grace and Truth Discipline Techniques
Refine Classroom Management Strategies
Perfect Play-Based Teaching for ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum Integration

Tier 3:  Exploring Excellence – 9-12 hours
Enjoy Exclusive Teacher Mentoring with Heidi
Explore Grace and Truth Discipline Techniques
Refine Classroom Management Strategies
Perfect Play-Based Teaching for ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum Integration

More Conference Topics


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