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2 Year Supply List

Below are the craft supplies, supplemental materials, and books suggested in the Complete 2 Year Curriculum. While the lists may seem daunting at first, I believe that you will find the vast majority of the supplies already in your home or preschool.  If they are not, I suggest that these items be available for your child to use and play with to expose your child to many textures, activities, books, and play.  All supplies and books are linked to Amazon so that can you view a picture of each item.  

This supply list does not correlate with the supplies used in the basic curriculum.

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*Cd's and Cd-Rom's

_______ The Bible songs chosen in this curriculum are old "Sunday School" favorites and are added to heighten the curriculum.  I have tried to choose ones that are familiar to most but if the song is not known any Bible song can be used.  Most songs can be found on Amazon through MP3 download or on several Bible Songs CDs available to purchase.


*Craft Items

_______ Apple stickers or apple stamp
_______ Brad
_______ Cardboard
_______ Cardstock
_______ Children's Safety Scissors
_______ Colored pencils (jumbo)
_______ Construction Paper
_______ Craft sticks 
_______ Craft decorations (various kinds - jewels, sequins, etc. )
_______ Crayons (use the jumbo crayons for little hands)
_______ Dot markers 
_______ Dry erase pocket
_______ Dry or wet erase marker
_______ Fingerpaint
_______ Hole punch
_______ Glitter
_______ Glue, Glue Sticks
_______ Googly Eyes
_______ Ink Pad - Washable
_______ Letter stickers
_______ Paint
_______ Paint Brush
_______ Pipe Cleaners
_______ Stapler
_______ Star stamp - may be made by cutting a sponge or place a thick star sticker on a block
_______ Stickers
_______ Streamers 
_______ String
_______ Tissue Paper
_______ Washable Markers
_______ Watercolors
_______ Yarn



_______ 1-2 liter bottle
_______ A variety of different colored foods
_______ Animal crackers
_______ Basic baking ingredients
_______ Berry foods
_______ Breadstick dough or sugar cookie dough
_______ chocolate chips
_______ Chocolate, French vanilla pudding
_______ Circular cereal
_______ Corn Syrup
_______ Food coloring
_______ Goldfish crackers
_______ Graham crackers
_______ Marshmallows
_______ Macaroni
_______ pasta
_______ Pretzel sticks
_______ Pumpkin or watermelon
_______ Spaghetti
_______ Vinegar


Household Items

_______ Bandaids
_______ Baster
_______ Belt or rope
_______ Bird seed
_______ Boxes
_______ Clothes Pins
_______ Coffee Filters
_______ Cotton Balls 
_______ Drinking straws
_______ Easter egg
_______ Egg timer
_______ Flashlight
_______ Fly swatter
_______ Fork and spoon
_______ Handkerchief
_______ Hole Punch
_______ Items of different textures
_______ Knife
_______ Luffa and soap
_______ Magnifying glass
_______ Nylon scarf
_______ Old toothbrush
_______ Oval cookie cutter
_______ Packing tape
_______ Painter's Tape  (this tape doesn't leave a residue like masking tape)
_______ Paper Plates  (inexpensive paper plates are best)
_______ Paper sacks (various sizes and colors)
_______ Pillows or leaf pile
_______ Plastic containers
_______ Rolling pin
_______ Q-tips 
_______ Shallow pan
_______ Shaving Cream 
_______ Sponge
_______ Spray Bottle
_______ Sticky Tack
_______ Tent or covered cardtable
_______ Toilet paper rolls
_______ Towel
_______ Wrapping paper roll
_______ Zip-top bags


* Toys

Make sure toys are age-appropriate

_______ Balls
_______ Beach ball
_______ Bean bag
_______ Bubbles and wand
_______ dolls
_______ Peg Puzzles 
_______ Percussion instruments
_______ Play dough
_______ Refrigerator letters
_______ Sidewalk Chalk 
_______ Stuffed animals (sheep)
_______ Variety of toys (Sorting toy, cars, etc.)
_______ Wooden blocks

2 Year Curriculum

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