Choosing a Children's Bible
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I am amazed at the assortment of children's Bible available for purchase.  There are rhyme Bibles, girl Bibles and boy Bibles, fluffy lamb Bibles, and seek-and-find Bibles.  For older children there are action Bibles, princess Bibles, and Veggie Tales Bibles.  Just when I think I have reviewed all of them, a new one becomes available. 

Although there are many children's Bibles, below are the children's Bibles that we believe are the best.  These are the Bibles that are referenced in each lesson.  I have included the page numbers to each Bible to help lessen preparation time. The Betty Luken's Flannelgraph is also a suggested supplemental material but not necessary to use the ABCJLM Curriculum.

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Best Toddler Children's Bibles

The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers - Previously used in the 1 and 2 Year Curricula, this Bible is the toddler version of our favorite preschool Bible.  Sadly it is no longer in print but used copies are often available.  Fun illustrations and scripture-solid stories. Read my review ...

Read and Share Bible Read and Share Toddler Bible - This is a suggested Bible for the 1 and 2 Year Curricula.  Simple enough for a toddler to understand yet engaging to give the child a solid understanding of the Bible stories.


Best Preschool Children's Bibles

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes - This is a revision of the children's Bible that I grew up with.  It contains three simple questions following each story.  This Bible is referenced in the 4 Year Curriculum. Read my review ...

Beginner's Bible The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories - Fun illustrations to these simply written stories.  Unlike many children's Bibles, this one tells the Bible stories without adding in extra. unbiblical details.  This Bible is referenced in the 3 and 4 Year Curriculum and is our favorite preschool Bible. Read my full review ...  The Deluxe Edition contains the Bible and two narration CD's of all 94 Bible stories.

My Story Bible My Story Bible by Godfrey and Grudina - This is the latest Bible added to the curriculum because I LOVE this Bible.  While I am not typically a fan of story Bibles, the stories written are easily understood and fun to read without taking away from the Scriptural base.  Each story is typically two pages long and each page includes a cute picture to illustrate the storyline.  Also, the way these stories are written make them easy to act out or have the children listen for repeated words.  This Bible is used in the 3 and 4 Year Curriculum. Read my review ...


Transition Children's Bibles

The Beginning Reader's Bible The Beginning Reader's Bible - One of the Bibles used in the 5 Year Curriculum, the Beginning Reader's Bible is an excellent transition from story Bibles to direct text.  Using the International Children's Bible version, this Bible contains original ideas to apply the Biblical concept. Read my full review ...

My First Hands On Bible My First Hands-On Bible - We love the second Bible used in the 5 Year Curriculum.  This Bible uses scripture from the New Living Translation instead of stories.  Also included are activities, songs, questions, a prayer, and a Jesus connection. Read my full review ...


Children's Devotionals

Our Daily Bread for Preschoolers  Our Daily Bread for Preschoolers - 90 devotions for preschoolers.  

Our Daily Bread  Our Daily Bread for Kids - For Pre-K through elementary-aged children, this is my favorite.  The 365 devotions contain Scripture, a memory verse, fun fact, and reading.


Tools to Teach the Bible

The Big Picture Story BIble The Big Picture Story Bible - This children's Bible does an excellent job of showing God's hand in every detail of the Bible, His love for His people, and the reason for Jesus' life on earth. This Bible is suggested in the 5 Year Curriculum for the unit on the Bible. Read more ...

Through the Bible in Felt Through the Bible in Felt - I believe that the use of flannelgraph figures and objects is one of the best ways to teach children Bible stories. Betty Lukens sets are specifically references in each Lesson Plan. Read more...

The Jesus Book The Jesus Book:  The Ultimate Who, What, When, Where, and Why Book by Stephen Elkins - While not necessarily a children's Bible, this book puts the Bible on a child's level.  It is the simplicity of the stories that really drew me to this book. The author of the book lays out the explanations in a way that makes hard concepts look easy.  I love the maps and time lines which would compliment a school history lesson. Because of the simplicity, this book is used as a supplement to the Bible stories in the curriculum. Read more...
Update:  This book is no longer in print and is available in Kindle edition only.


But which Bible is the best for your child?

While I have suggested our favorite eight Bibles for children aged toddler to early elementary , the decision rests in your hands.

When choosing the right children's Bible for your family, I encourage you to think about the following points:

  • How will be the Bible be used?
    Will it be the child's main Bible or is it for supplemental purposes?  It is my opinion that the child's main Bible should be spot-on with the Scriptures and without added fluff.  This way, the child has a bases of Bible stories that is accurate.
  • Does the children's Bible accurately paraphrase the Scriptures without adding assumptions or subtracting important information?
  • Is the added information in the stories to help the child understand the Bible story or does it provide unbiblical assumptions?
  • Is scripture reference included with the stories so that the child begins to recognize the books of the Bible?
  • Do the illustrations draw in the child or are the details overwhelming?
  • Is the Bible written in a way that the child can easily understand and recall the Bible stories?
  • For older children, does the Bible aid in the application process?

While reading the Bible is important to children, making it age appropriate, biblically accurate, and applicable is key.

I also believe that it is very important for a child to have a Bible of his/her own.  Although Bible stories are readily available on the internet for free, I encourage you to spend the few dollars to give your child a Bible to hold, to take to church, and to sit on his/her night stand.

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