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Basic 5 Year Curriculum:  FREE for Family Use

Elevate your child's early education with the Basic 5 Year Curriculum.  This carefully crafted online curriculum for families covers every aspect of early childhood education, ensuring your son or daughter's holistic development in the following areas:

  • Academics
  • Bible
  • Development (Fine and Gross Motor)
  • Handwriting
  • Music
  • Pre-Reading
  • Self-care  
  • Visual Perception

Written specifically for children who are ready for kindergarten level work but may or may not be in kindergarten, the Basic 5 Year Curriculum extends beyond the fundamentals of preschool, placing the child on the trajectory for academical, spiritual, and developmental excellence. 

Please note that this online curriculum is exclusively for use in your home with your immediate family. If you require curriculum for use in a preschool, church, or daycare setting, please explore the Complete 5 Year Curriculum.

Start exploring the free curriculum by choosing the online Lesson Plan from the drop-down menu below.

Should You Upgrade to the Complete Curriculum?

While the Basic Curriculum is available above for immediate family use, upgrading to the 2nd Edition Complete 5 Year Curriculum provides printed materials and interactive digital downloads, along with enhanced guidance. Upgrading simplifies your workload while providing the utmost comprehensive support.

It’s important to note that the Basic 5 Year Curriculum (1st Edition) and the Complete 5 Year Curriculum (2nd Edition) are not interchangeable. Upgrading ensures a seamless journey toward a richer learning experience.


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Basic, Online Curriculum

5 Year Curriculum Bundle

Complete Curriculum

Edition 1st Edition 2nd Edition
Immediate Family Use  ✔
Preschool, Church, or Business Use X
Academic, Bible, and Development Learning  ✔  ✔ 
Completely Updated & Remodeled Lesson Plans X
Pre-Reading Objectives X
Syllables, Rhyming, and Pre-Reading Activities X
Word Families X
Interactive Bible Stories X
Poem, Song, and Memory Verse Posters & Cards X

Scope and Sequence X
Themes X
Daily Schedules X
Completely Remodeled Worksheets X
Additional Worksheets X
Additional Teaching Tips & Tools X
Personalized Support X
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I’m a licensed teacher. The ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum truly supports the whole child and focuses on the process rather than the product.  I recommend the ABCJesusLovesMe Curriculum to everyone!!  --Kristen on Facebook


5 Year Curriculum Bundle
5 Year Curriculum Bundle

Supplemental Materials

5 Year Bible Song Packet
5 Year Bible Song Packet
5 Year Curriculum Guide
5 Year Curriculum Guide
5 Year Interactive Bible Stories
5 Year Interactive Bible Stories
5 Year Memory Verse Packet
5 Year Memory Verse Packet
5 Year Poem Packet
5 Year Poem Packet
5 Year Word Family
5 Year Word Family
5 Year Workbook
5 Year Workbook