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Items Needed:




  • small items
  • paint
  • sticky tack
  • tissue paper
  • glue
  • circle cereals
  • Play Dough



Theme: "Bee" Attitudes - Obedience

Bible Story: Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego
Objective:  Obedience to God no matter what
Scripture:  Daniel 3
My First Hands-On Bible: pg 178-183
Through the Bible in Felt:  Story #88

Comprehension Questions:
When were the people supposed to bow down to the golden statue?
What would happen if Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not obey?
Who did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego choose to obey?
How did God protect the three men in the fiery furnace?
Because of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's obedience, what did the King realize?
Sometimes obedience is hard.  Do mommies and daddies have trouble obeying God?

Verse: James 1:22 (NLT) - But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says.
Tune:  London Bridges
Don't just listen to God's Word. (shake head, point to ear, make book with hands)
To God's Word, to God's Word.
You must do-- what it says. (point, shout "What is says")
James one twenty-two. (make book with hands, one finger, two fingers)

Bible Song: Trust and Obey (Traditional)
Trust and obey (march in place and then salute)
For there's no other way (cross arms in front of body)
To be happy in Jesus (move fingers to make happy smile at mouth)
But to trust and obey (march in place and then salute)

Books of the Bible: Ezra, Nehemiah
Math :  Spatial Words
Science :  Season - Fall
Social Science :  Address - City and State
Letters: M, m
Numbers: Create Groups 0-10
Literacy: Picture Walk - Predict what will happen
Sight Word : is

Book of the Week:
Me on the Map Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney

Fine Motor Skill:  Find Objects in Play Dough
Gross Motor Skill:  Memory Obstacle Course
Visual Perception Skill:  Dot-to-Dot


Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
- Obeying God:  God wants us to obey Him because He knows what is good for us.  We don't always know what is best for us and we need to trust God because He made us and loves us.  When we obey God we show that we love Him.  (John 14:21)  Jesus is God and yet He obeys God.  Jesus came to earth to do what God wanted Him to do.  Jesus obeyed even when it meant dying on the cross for our sins. (Source Information: Lesson in Living by Herbert Epp)

- Bee Attitude Printable   In the top tier of the "Bee" Attitude worksheet, have the child write the attitude of the week. In the next tier, have the child draw a picture of the Bible story.  In the bottom tier, ask the child to draw a picture of himself having this attitude.

- Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego I Will Obey Paint "fire" on a piece of paper using red, orange, and yellow paint.  Add the title "I Will Obey."

- God I Need to Talk to You About LazinessRead God, I Need to Talk to You About Laziness by Susan K. Leigh.

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• Math:
- The use of spatial words expands a child's vocabulary and his ability to explain himself.

Spatial Tree Color and cut out the leaves on the Spatial Tree worksheet using fall colors.  Place sticky tack on the backs of each leaf.  Post the tree on the wall.  Call out a spatial word and have the child place the leaves around the tree to correctly represent the concept.  Below is a list of possible spatial words:

High, Low Up, Down Above, Below
Beside, Next To, Between Before, After Around, Through
Behind, In back, In Front Left, Right On, Off
First, Middle, Last Top, Middle, Bottom Near, Far
Under, Over    

• Science:
- Fall Tree Handprint Craft Handprint Season Trees:
Tree - Paint the child's hand and arm brown.  Press down on a piece of paper.  Roll the arm a little to make the tree trunk bigger.   Allow to dry.  Can also draw around the child's arm and hand on brown paper and cut out.
Fall - Paint the hand orange and press.  Paint the hand yellow and press.  Paint the hand red and press.

- Fall Overview
Months – September, October, November
Holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, family birthdays
Weather - Cool
Clothing – Jackets, long sleeve, jeans
Plants  The trees' leaves turn colors and fall off, harvest apples
Animals – Migrate, collect food, hibernate

- Cut Apart Seasons Printable Have the child cut on the dotted line of the Cut Apart Seasons worksheet and place the season trees in order.

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• Social Science:
- This week focus on the city and state part of the address.  Looking over the entire address, explain the meaning of the street, city, and state.  Be sure to study a map and tie this part of the lesson plan to the Book of the Week Activity.  If practical, take a field trip to the city and/or state sign.  Take the child's picture by each sign.

- Address Song (Original Source Unknown) :
Tune:  It's Raining, It's Pouring
My name is Jane Doe (child's first and last name), this is my address
67, Red Road, Anytown, Texas

- My Home Help the child write his name and address on the My Home worksheet.  Instruct the child to draw a picture of himself in the doorway.

• Letters:
Use the Mm Writing worksheet and for further learning check out the Letter M Activities.

• Numbers:
Using several small items (e.g. coins, candy), create groups of 0-10

• Literacy:
Continue to practice picture walking through new books as learned in Week 7.

• Book of the Week:
- Before reading this book, explain what a map is. In simplest terms, a map is a picture of an area; a birds-eye view.  Help the child make a map from your house to a favorite, close destination.  After studying local maps, introduce larger area maps.
- Use this book to help your child understand her address as well as sequencing from "me" to the "whole world."

-  Me on the Map My Place in this World Activity: (Reprinted by permission from Kid World Citizens)
Cut around the largest circle of the My Place in the World worksheet and trace on a piece of paper.  Cut around the next circle and trace on a difference piece of paper.  Continue until you have created seven different sized circles.  On the smallest circle, have the child draw a picture of himself and label, "Me."  On the next sized circle draw a picture of "My Home."  Draw a favorite place to visit for "My City" or find a map of your city on the next sized circle.  Draw or cut out a picture of "My State."  Cut out the clipart of the United States (or find one for "My Country") for the next sized circle as well as for North America (or "My Continent").  Draw or cut out the clipart of the earth for "My Planet" and glue on the largest circle.  Go back and mark where you live on each of the various maps.  Punch a hole in the top of each of the circles and order them from smallest to largest.  Clip together with a craft ring or piece of string.

• Fine Motor Skill:
Play Dough Hide coins or small items in play dough.  Using her index finger, have the child find the items.  Using her thumb is "cheating" and not working the weaker muscles.

• Gross Motor Skill:

This week is the first of many Memory Obstacle Course suggested in the ABCJLM Curriculum.  View the video and read the information on the Memory Obstacle Course page to understand the objective and set up.  For the first Memory Obstacle Course, focus on letters and numbers using a puzzle or flashcards.  Ask the child to bring one letter or number back to you.

• Visual Perception Skill:

Diamond Dot to Dot Complete the Star Dot-to-Dot Worksheet.  Additional worksheets available in the ABCJLM Visual Perception Workbook.

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