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Items Needed:

Worksheets:  Donkey, Green Tree, Diamond, Apple Tree #9, Table Setting, Shape Dino
Books: Bible, How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?, From Head to Toe
Activities: Peg puzzles, apple stickers, yarn, green tissue paper, large craft stick, Resurrection Eggs, paintjumbo paintbrush, construction paper, glue, scissors



Bible Theme: Jesus Loves Me
Lesson: Jesus Rides on a Donkey

Bible Story: Jesus Rides on a Donkey
Scripture: Luke 19:29-42
Read & Share Toddler Bible
ABCJLM Interactive Bible Stories

Verse: Matthew 28:6 - He is risen as He said.
Tune:  Mary Had a Little Lamb - (Author Unknown)
He is risen as He said
As He said, as He said
He is risen as He said
Matthew 28:6

Bible Song: Praise Him (Traditional)
Praise Him, praise Him,
All you little children,
God is love, God is love.
Praise Him, praise Him,
All you little children,
God is love, God is love.

Add optional verses:
Love Him...
Know Him...
Serve Him...
Crown Him...

Poem: Right Hand Left Hand ( Adapted from Unknown Author )
(Have the child echo each phrase and copy your actions)
This is my right hand (This is my right hand)
I raise it up high (I raise it up high)
This is my left hand (This is my left hand)
I’ll touch the sky (I'll touch the sky)
Right hand (Right hand)
Left hand (Left hand)
Whirl them around (Whirl them around)
Right hand (Right hand)
Left hand (Left hand)
Pound, pound, pound (Pound, pound, pound)

Colors :  Green, Blue, Brown
Shape : Diamond
Letters: Y-Z
Numbers: 1-9
Information :  Home Town
Self-care and Manners :  Help set the table

Book of the Week:
How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? by Jane Yolen

Fine Motor Skill:  Peg Puzzles
Gross Motor Skill:  Walk Like an Animal


Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
- Jesus Loves Me Worksheet  For next few weeks, we will be learning how Jesus loves us so much that He died on the cross and rose again.  At the end of the study, a cover worksheet will be provided to bind the pages together. 

- Color the Donkey worksheet and glue on gray yarn for the donkey's mane and tail. 

- Paint the Palm Branch green and cut it out.  Cut slits along the edges.  Glue or tape a large craft stick or ruler to the back of the branch.  Wave the palm branch as the people would have done for Jesus.  - or - Using thinned glue, spread a thin layer on the palm branch.  Add different shades of torn green tissue paper overlapping the pieces.  Let dry.  Glue along the edges and on lines created for the inside of the leaf.  Sprinkle glitter over the glue.

- Resurrection Eggs are a wonderful way to introduce the child to Easter.  There are various forms of Resurrection Eggs available to purchase or make.  Each set contains a variation of items and order leading up to the empty 12th egg.  Open one every few days starting now or wait until closer to Easter.  Read more about the Resurrection Eggs.

• Colors:
Colored Tree Worksheet Using the Tree worksheet, color or paint using the colors green, blue, and brown.  Discuss where to use each color.

• Shape:
Paint Diamond Worksheet Color, paint, or draw on the Diamond worksheet using the colors green, blue, and brown.

- Diamond Song:
Tune: She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
A diamond in the sky is a kite (make a diamond with your hands)
A diamond in the sky is a kite
Take a square squeeze it tight, add a tail, it's a kite (hug self, point into the air at a "kite")
A diamond in the sky is a kite (make a diamond with your hands)

- Do a Shape Walk: Walk around the house or neighborhood looking for diamonds.

• Number:
Apple Tree 9 Worksheet This week cut and glue small squares of construction paper on the Apple Tree #9.   Add nine apple stickers.  Continue to count items throughout the day.

• Self-care and Manners:
Table Setting Worksheet One of the contributions that a child can make to a family is to help with chores.  Setting the table is a relatively easy task.  Start with one item and then increase to more.  Use the Table Setting worksheet to teach the child where the objects go.  If your tableware is relatively the same size as the worksheet, place a copy of the worksheet at every place setting.  Have the child simply lay the object on to match the worksheet.  Cover the worksheet with clear contact paper to use as a place mat.

• Book of the Week Idea:
Shape Dino Activity Color the Shape Dino worksheet shapes green, blue, and brown.  Cut the shapes and glue onto the template. (Idea adapted from AllKidsNetwork)
- Dinosaur Activities and Ideas: Site #1, Site #2, Site #3

• Fine Motor Skill:
Peg Puzzles Put together peg puzzles.  Encourage your child to pick up the puzzle pieces using his/her thumb and index finger.

• Gross Motor Skill:
From Head to Toe  Using the book From Head to Toe by Eric Carle, walk like an animal.  Encourage the child to create her own ideas, but here are a few to get you started.
- Bear - on all fours
- Crab - side to side
- Turtle - creep
- Snake - slither on tummy
- Frog - squat and jump
- Kangaroo or bunny - hop with both feet
- Horse - gallop
- Gorilla - bend your knees

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