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Items Needed:

Tactile Letters:   E, F, L
Books: Bible, Big Thoughts for Little People, Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type, Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Fine China Plate, God, I Need to Talk to You About Laziness
Worksheets:  Straight Line Characters, 1" Tracing Paper, The Fiery Furnace
Activities: Parquetry Block Super Set, Pattern Blocks and Boards, or Pattern Blocks; sidewalk chalk, ball, paint, large piece of paper, old crayons, muffin tin, toothpick, blocks, bean bag


Character Trait: Obedience
Definition:  Doing what you are told, right away, and with a happy heart without being reminded.
Opposite:  Defiant, rebelling
Big Thoughts for Little People:  Letter M

Bible Story: Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego
Objective:  I am to obey God, no matter what.
Scripture:  Daniel 3
The Beginner's Bible: pg 247
My Story Bible:  pg 54-55
Through the Bible in Felt:  Story #88

Comprehension Questions:
When were the people supposed to bow down to the golden statue?
What would happen if Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not obey?
Who did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego choose to obey?
How did God protect the three men in the fiery furnace?
Because of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego's obedience, what did the King realize?

Verse: James 1:22 (NLT) - But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says.
Tune:  London Bridges
Don't just listen to God's Word. (shake head, point to ear, make book with hands)
To God's Word, to God's Word.
You must do-- what it says. (point, shout "What is says")
James one twenty-two. (make book with hands, one finger, two fingers)

Bible Song: Trust and Obey (Traditional)
Trust and obey (march in place and then salute)
For there's no other way (cross arms in front of body)
To be happy in Jesus (move fingers to make happy smile at mouth)
But to trust and obey (march in place and then salute)

Books of the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Math: Oval, Heart, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Star, Diamond

Letters: E, F, L
E - body, head, arm, leg
F - body, head, arm
L - body and leg

Information: First name written on tracing paper.

Book of the Week:
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

Fine Motor Skill:  Draw What I Draw
Gross Motor Skill: Kick a Ball
Visual Perception Skill: Block Activity


Suggested Activities:

• Character Trait:
- Play "Simon Says" to coincide with the obedience theme.

- Beautiful Feet Paint the bottom of the child's foot.  On a large piece of paper have the child create foot prints.  Add the title, "Beautiful Feet."  Discuss how our feet are beautiful when they are obeying.

- Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light ( Source unknown )
Use the following signs for each word:
Stop - hold arm straight out in front with palm lifted
Wait - wiggle all fingers out in front
Go - move one arm across the front of the body

Create a scenario and ask the child to choose whether it is best to stop, wait, or go.  Have the child "tell" you with hand motions rather than her voice.  Focus on activities that involve obedience and respect.
- Walking to a curb on a busy street (stop)
- Needing a drink at the water fountain but others are already in line (wait)
- You mom tells you to come and help set the table (go)

- Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Fine China Plate Read Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Fine China Plate by Robin Jones Gunn to learn how parents set rules to help you stay away from sin.
- God I Need to Talk to You About Laziness Read God, I Need to Talk to You About Laziness by Susan K. Leigh.

• Bible:
- Color The Fiery Furnace worksheet with your new Fiery Crayons (see below).  

- Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego I Will Obey  Paint "fire" on a piece of paper using red, orange, and yellow paint.  Add the title "I Will Obey."

- Fire Crayons Make Fiery Crayons (Unknown Source)
Gather old red, yellow, and orange crayons.  Remove the paper and break the crayons into small pieces.  Fill muffin tin cups halfway full with a mixture of the broken crayons.  Place the crayons in a 250 degree oven and wait.  Because various brands of crayons are made of different ingredients, melting times will vary.  Once the crayons are totally melted, remove the tin from the oven.  Use a toothpick to swirl the colors together and then allow the crayons to cool.  The crayon material contracts as it gets cold making the new crayons easy to pop out of the muffin tin. Read more...

- Play Mother May I? to practice obedience.  Choose one player to be the "mother/father."  Line the rest of the players arm-length apart on the opposite side of the room.  The children will take turns asking "Mother/Father, may I ____?". For example, "Mother/Father, may I take five steps forward?" The mother/father either replies "Yes, you may" or "No, you may not do that, but you may _____ instead" and inserts his/her own suggestion. The players usually move closer to the mother/father but are sometimes led further away. Even if the mother/father makes an unfavorable suggestion, the child must still perform it. The first player to reach the location of the mother/father wins the game. Following the game, discuss how it is hard to do something we don't want to do.  But by obeying and doing it right away we show our parents and God that we love them.

- Click for more Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego ideas...

• Comprehension Questions, Memory Verse, Song, Books of the Bible:  Because the suggested activities rarely change in these four objectives, they will only be listed in the "Objectives" and not in the "Suggested Activities" portion of the Lesson Plan unless additional information is needed.   Continue as suggested. 

• Math:
- Shape Blocks Create shapes out of tinker toys or blocks, place on the ground, and throw bean bags into the "called" shape. (Thank you to Dina for this idea.)

- If needed, ABCJLM contains Shape ideas and worksheets to review the shapes your child needs to focus on.

• Letters & Numbers:
Week 2 focuses on "straight-line letters" E, F, L.  Start by creating the characters using short and long craft sticks and move to writing the characters on the Straight Line Characters worksheet.  Be sure to say the Letter Formation Chant as the child creates each letter.

• Information: 
If the child is ready, for the next two weeks place the letters of her name on the 1” Tracing Paper.  Using the 4 Year Curriculum Handwriting Worksheets as examples, draw a box for each letter in the child’s name and add the green and red dots if needed.  If required, work slowly adding a letter each day. 

Book of the Week:
- Use this book to discuss the various concepts of a book.
Characters - cow, duck, farmer, hens
Setting - a farm
Problem - The cows and hens refuse to give milk and eggs until the farmer gives them electric blankets.
Solution - Everyone gets what they want but then the duck starts making demands.

- Ask the child to state how he would have handled the problem.  Have the child draw a picture showing his solution.

- Vocabulary - typewriter, strike, electric blanket, impatient, demand, furious, ultimatum, snoop, exchange

- Write a request letter to someone using a typewriter or computer.  This could be to an elected official or company.

• Fine Motor Skill:
pencil Draw What I Draw - With sidewalk chalk, have your child copy what you draw and then reverse roles.  Remember to start with simple lines and progress to simple shapes.

• Gross Motor Skill:
Blue Ball Practice kicking a ball.  Start with a large ball and progress to a smaller one.  Set up a goal and take turns being goalie.

• Visual Perception Skill:
Block Activity
Block Activity is an idea to help the child process and give meaning to what he sees.  Use blocks sets such as Parquetry Block Super Set, Pattern Blocks and Boards, Pattern Blocks to do these activities.  Four separate ideas are provided on the Block Activity page. 

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