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Items Needed:


Worksheets:  Choose the letters or numbers that need review, 1" Tracing Paper




Character Traits: Peace, Attentive, Giving, Forgiveness
Information: First & Last Name
Books of the Bible: Matthew - II Corinthians

Fine Motor Skill:  Pick up Small Objects
Gross Motor Skill:  Walk Straight Line
Visual Perception Skill:  Block-to-Block


Suggested Activities:

• Review all objectives and books covered in the past weeks, and complete any activities that you were unable to finish.

Fish Game Fishing game
Lay out the numbers (1, 4) and letters (Tt, Ii, E, F, Ll, H, Xx, Vv, W, N, M) for your child to fish for.  Name the color, number, letter, and/or sound of fish caught.

• Letters & Numbers:
On a large, individual piece of paper, write a review letter or number.  Continue with all of the letters and numbers.  Scatter the pieces of paper on a table.  Have the child search in magazines for the various letters or number.  Cut the examples out and paste them onto the correct sheets.  This activity could be done by several children at a time.

• Information:
Continue to have the child practice writing his first and last name on 1" Tracing Paper.   Slowly remove the red dot, green dot, and then box as the child is ready. 

• Fine Motor Skill:
Using small candy, chocolate chips, or Legos, create groups of candy from zero to five in a pile.  Encourage your child to use his thumb and index finger.  For additional practice, have the child pick up the small items with a pair of tweezers or tongs.  Cosmetic tweezers may be harder to use so consider purchasing a plastic set that comes in science or doctor sets, or use kitchen tongs.

• Gross Motor Skill:
Walking a straight line - heel to toe
- Walk along a line of tape on the floor or use sidewalk chalk outside (Note:  Do not use masking tape on carpet, as it will leave a residue.)
- Walk along a curb or fallen log
- Go to a playground that has a low balance beam

• Visual Perception Skill:
Block to Block Block-to-Block

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