Dot-to-dots are wonderful worksheets to help a child improve Visual Perception and Fine Motor Skills, as well as work on number and letter order.  The dot-to-dot worksheets in the ABCJLM Curriculum range from simple to more difficult depending on the number of dots and the child's development. 

To begin the concept, the 3 Year Curriculum introduces Dot-to-Dot with a Human Dot-to-Dot activity in Week 25.  Worksheets are included in the 3, 4, and 5 Year Curricula as well as Easter Activities.  Also, they are available to purchase in the ABCJLM Visual Perception Workbook.

Online Ideas:

Puzzle Buzz Highlights Puzzle Buzz - This activity book from the award winning magazine Highlights is filled with puzzles of all kinds.  Quite a step up from ordinary coloring books.

Connect the Dots -
Uppercase ABC
Lowercase ABC
Count by Ones (1 to 9 through 1 to 45)
Count by Twos
Count by Fives
Count by Tens

Number of Dot to Dots - seasonal, animal, numbers, alphabet, sports, etc.
ABC Teach
Activity Pad
Dot to Dot
Alphabet Dot to Dot Puzzles

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