Want to see a group of Christians become divided? Bring up the topic of Halloween.

Those on both sides of the aisle (participate vs avoid) are passionate about their views.  But which response is correct for your family?  

I believe there is actually a third option and if desired Halloween can be an opportunity to share God’s love with others.  Below are a plethora ideas to enjoy the fall season.


Little girl painting pumpkin

Halloween and Fall Activities

Fun pumpkin, candy corn, and other fall activities for preschoolers.


Little girl reading with her mom.

Halloween and Fall Books

Discover fun secular and Christian books to read during October.  Learn about leaves, pumpkins, and the Pumpkin Gospel story.


Little boy in wagon, holding an apple.

Fall Songs & Poems

Enjoy fun songs and poems celebrating fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Songs & Poems

Little boy dressed up like a Bible Character.

Telling the Gospel Through Halloween

Enjoy sharing the Gospel in your church, preschool, or home with these fun activities and poems.  

Gospel Story

Candy Corn

Learning with Halloween Candy

After Halloween, what is a family to do with all the candy?

Discovered some ideas perfect for character and academic training.


Be Intentional Planner

Equip yourself with a planner that helps you be more intentional.

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Old Testament Curriculum

Teach children about Noah, Moses, Abraham, and lesser-known characters with the Old Testament Curriculum.

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Armor of God

Teach children about the weapons God provides and how to use them.

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Character Training

Teach valuable character traits with this printable.

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