Joseph's Colorful Coat Flannelgraph Bible Story

Joseph's Colorful Coat Bible Stories and Books

Scripture:  Genesis 37
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes: pg 58-89
The Beginner's Bible:  71-77
Through the Bible Felt:  pg 33


Joseph's Colorful Coat Bible Verse

Romans 12:21 - Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Steve Green – Hide 'Em In Your Heart, Vol 1 - #4


Joseph's Colorful Coat Activity Sheet

Joseph's Colorful Coat  Sheet available in the Bible Activity Workbook

- Glue assorted colored ribbon or string to Joseph's coat

- Paint different colored vertical lines on Joseph's coat


Joseph's Colorful Coat Activities and Crafts

Joseph's Coat
Print the coat printable.  Using watered-down glue, glue down squares of different colored tissue paper.

Joseph Coat Craft Grocery Bag Colorful Coat
Turn a large, paper grocery bag into a vest.  Cut a slit up one wide side to make the coat's opening.  Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for the head.  On the two narrow sides, cut arm holes.  Decorate using many colors. Image shared by Debra


Joseph's Colorful Coat  Joseph's Coat
Print the coat printable.  Cut stripes of construction paper for the child to glue onto the printable.  Or, using watered-down glue, glue down squares of different colored tissue paper.  Image and idea shared by Genita


Joseph's Colorful Coat Interactive Bible Story

This story is free for family use only and may not be used in any form in a non-family situation.  A script of this story for non-family use is available in the Old Testament Curriculum, 1 Year Interactive Bible Stories3 Year Interactive Bible Stories

Optional Flannelgraph:

Water board

Green bottom 
S4 - Hill and Trees
S7 - Tree

12B, 20, 21, 28, 40, 54, 55, 58, 61, 63, 79 - Josephs' Brothers
52 - Joseph
52A - Colorful Coat
59 - Jacob
82 - Men on camels
212A - Well

Have on the board - S4, S7, 212A
Have in order - 59, Joseph's Brothers (any order is fine), 52, 52A, 82


Joseph's Colorful Coat Story:

Today we are going to learn about a story taken from the Old Testament of the Bible.  The Old Testament is found at the beginning of the Bible.  Everyone say Old Testament.  “Old Testament.”  The first book of the Bible and the first book in the Old Testament is Genesis.  At the beginning of Genesis we learn how God created the earth.  Use your hands and let's make stars together.  Then we meet Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel.  Next is Noah.  He was the guy who built an ark.  Pound your fist into your other hand like you are hammering a boat.  Good!  Go a few more chapters and we meet a guy name Abraham and his wife named Sarah.  They trusted God and He gave them a baby named Isaac.  Rock Baby Isaac with me.  When Isaac got older he married Rebekah and they had twin boys named Jacob and Esau.

Today we are going to talk about one of those boys – Jacob.  (Add Jacob)  Now Jacob didn't just have one son.  He me count as I place these sons on the board.  (Add Joseph's brothers, ending with Josesph.)  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 sons!

That's a lot of sons!

But Jacob had one son that he liked better than the others.  His name was Joseph.  (point to Joseph)  His Daddy liked him so much that he made Joseph a coat of many colors to show Joseph how much he loved him. (Add colorful coat)  I am guessing that Joseph was happy when he saw his new coat.  Show me your happy face.  (Remove Jacob)

But when Joseph's 11 brothers saw that their Daddy loved Joseph more than he loved them, they were not happy.  They were mad and angry.  Show me your mad face.

They were so mad that they did something very, very mean to their brother.  Do you know what the Bible says they did?

The Bible says in Genesis that they took Joseph's beautiful, colorful coat off of him.  (Remove coat)  And then they threw him into a deep, dark well.  (Pretend to put Joseph into the well)  Do you see him down there?  (Put your hand up to your forehead and search down with your eyes)  I can't either.  It's too dark!

Then the brothers went to eat.  Their poor brother was stuck in a well and they were eating.  Well, while they were eating, some traders came by.  (Add men on camels)  And those brothers sold poor Joseph to those traders.

How sad.  Show me your sad face.  I beat Joseph felt scared.  Show me your scared face.

Oh but this story is not over.  Joseph's brothers were angry and Joseph was sad but God was in control.   Help me with that one more time.  Joseph's brothers were angry, Joseph was sad, but God was in control.  In the next few chapters of Genesis, we learn that God had a special plan for Joseph.


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