Noah's Ark Flannelgraph Bible Story

Noah's Ark Bible, Books, and Computer Games:

Scripture:  Genesis 6-9
The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes :  pg 24-31
The Beginner's Bible :  pg 26-33
My Story Bible :  pg 10-11
Through the Bible Felt :  pg 9-10

Nora's Ark Nora's Ark - Precious book about a girl who decided to built an ark and gather animals just like Noah did.  Well...not just like Noah.  Excellent for imaginary play and helping the child make the story personal.

Go to Sunday School The Berenstain Bears Go to Sunday School - In this book the Sunday School lesson is about Noah's Ark. This book may need to be read in short sections.

- Play the "Noah's Ark" adventure and use the coloring sheet on the Charlie Church Mouse Cd-Rom. Read more ...


Noah's Ark Verse:

John 14:15 - If you love me, obey my commandments.
Tune:  Hot Cross Buns
If you love me, If you love me, (make a heart shape in the air on word "love")
You will obey my commandments (salute and then shake index finger in the air)
John 14:15, John 14:15 (point to number 14, 15 written somewhere or make a book sign with hands)
You will obey my commandments (salute and then shake index finger in the air)


Noah's Ark Songs and Poems:

• Arky, Arky (Traditional)
Rise and shine (with palms up raise arms in the air, palms in air)
And give God the glory, glory (wave arms over head)
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Children of the Lord (continue to wave arms)
( See the CD for the verses )

• It’s Raining (Traditional)
It’s raining, it’s pouring
The old man is snoring
He went to bed and bumped his head
And he couldn’t get up in the morning

•The Animals are Marching 1 and 2 (Based on an idea shared by Julia)
Tunes:  The Ants Go Marching
The animals are marching 1 and 2, aha, aha
The animals are marching 1 and 2, aha, aha
The animals are marching 1 and 2,
Just as God told them to do
And they all march in the ark.

Options Verses:
The snakes are wiggling 1 and 2, ssss, ssss...
The elephants are stomping 1 and 2, boom boom, boom boom
The lions are roaring 1 and 2, roar roar, roar roar


Noah's Ark Activities and Crafts:

- Noahs Ark on Water Ark Craft - Print Noah's ark ( with John 14:15 verse , without verse ).  Cut into three parts.  Paint brown.  Glue on a piece of construction paper.  Cut a scalloped edge on blue paper to make water.  Create and add a small rainbow if desired.  Could be used to cover three lessons:  Noah Builds Boat, God sends the rain, God provides the rainbow. (Image and idea provided by Jessica)

- Rainbow Rainbow of Colors -  Print the Rainbow printable.  Talk about the order of the rainbow colors.  (The printable only have six levels because indigo and violet are combined.)  Pour Fruit Loop cereal into a pan.   Being with purple.  Ask the child to taste the "color" and discuss the fruit the color tastes like.  Spread glue on the smallest arch and progress outward.  To finish, add cotton balls for clouds.
- Rainbow Tissue Paper Rainbow - Print the Rainbow printable.  Show the child how to wrap the tissue paper loosely around the eraser end of the pencil. Dip the tip into the glue and press onto the rainbow.  Use white tissue paper on the bottom of the rainbow to make clouds.  It may be best to spread this activity over several days.

- Macaroni Rainbow Macaroni Rainbow - Place a few macaroni noodles in a zip-top plastic bag.  Add a couple of drops of vinegar and 4-5 drops of food coloring.  Mix to distribute the color.  Dye more macaroni in separate bags.  Open the top of the bag and let dry.  Using the Rainbow , place a thin layer of glue on the paper.  Add the colored macaroni to create a colorful macaroni rainbow. (Thank you, Alisha , for sharing this picture and idea with us.)

- Noah's Ark Ark Craft - Print Noah's ark ( with John 14:15 verse , without verse ). Glue animal crackers on or add pictures or stickers of various animals. Explain to the child how Noah showed he loved God by obeying His command to build the ark and collect the animals.

Rain Maker Rain Sticks
Tear off one sheet of aluminum foil that is twice as long as a paper towel tube.  Roll the foil lengthwise like a snake.  Wrap the foil around a wooden spoon creating a spring-like shape. Stretch the foil to be as wide and long as the tube.  Place the spring shaped foil into the paper towel tube.  Add a couple of layers of aluminum foil or construction paper to the bottom of the tube to secure the contents.  Secure tightly with a rubber band.  Add dry beans and/or dry macaroni to the fill the tube 1/10 of the way (make sure that the foil doesn't fall down from when pouring in the beans or macaroni).  Add a matching cap to the top of the tube.  Decorate.  Teach the child to tilt the stick slowly.

Noah's Ark  Stuffed Animal and the Ark  (Image and idea from Michelle)
Create your own Noah's Ark with stuffed animals, laundry basket, and a blue blanket or sheet. 

Animal Cracker Round Up - Take a pile of animal crackers and choose two of each kind of animal just like Noah did

Tissue-Stain Rainbows ( Original author unknown )
Cut  various colored tissue paper into 1-2" squares.  Try to include all seven colors of the rainbow.  Lay a piece of white paper on a covered table.  Place the squares randomly on the paper.  Using a spray bottle, spray water gently on the tissue.  The water will cause the color on the tissue paper to run and transfer to the white piece of paper.  Point out the rainbow colors that it makes.  Remind the child that the rainbow is a sign of God's promise.  Peel off the wet tissue pieces and throw them away.  Allow the paper to dry.

Create a Rainstorm ( Original author unknown )
Imagine sitting with Noah's family and the animals on the boat and the storm comes. Have the child help you create the storm by following your lead. Add this activity to a Family Night for more fun!
1. Slowly rub fingertips together (wind coming)
2. Slowly rub hands together (wind getting heavier)
3. Quickly rub hands together (wind getting stronger)
4. Slowly snap fingers (raindrops coming) - This is a very difficult task for a preschooler but the child will have fun trying!
5. Quickly snap fingers (heavy rain)
6. Clap hands (thunder)
7. Clap and then immediately hold hands up with spread fingers and strike downward (lightning)
8. Quickly tap thighs (very hard rainfall)
9. Repeat in reverse order (storm gradually calming down)
10. Make large arch over your head with arms to create a rainbow

Mixing Paint Paint Rainbow Create Your Own Rainbow
- Items Needed:
Red/yellow/blue paint
Paint brushes
- Directions:  Discuss how colors are created using the three primary colors - red, yellow, and blue.  Combine the below colors and have the child guess what color will be made.  On a piece of paper, draw seven arched lines and have the child paint the six colors of the rainbow (combining indigo and violet) between the lines.  Add cotton balls for clouds.
red and yellow = orange            blue and yellow = green              red and blue = purple


Noah's Ark Food Ideas:

Pretzel Ark Make an ark with pretzels! (Thank you Jenn for sharing this idea.)

Fruit Rainbow Make a rainbow with cut fruit and clouds with sandwiches. (Thank you Jenn for sharing this idea.)

Rainbow Cupcake Make Rainbow cupcakes or cakes.  Recipe at FoodNetwork(Thank you Jenn for sharing this idea.)


Telling Noah's Ark with Flannelgraph:

Noah's Ark Flannelgraph Bible Story

Noah's Ark Flannelgraph Bible Story

Noah's Ark Flannelgraph Bible Story

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