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•   Wall Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart  - The first eight weeks of the curriculum focuses on the calendar, weather, and seasons. A wall chart would be great for these units and to continue the learning throughout the curriculum.  You can purchase wall charts online .

• Weather Clipart Make your own wall calendar and weather chart using a Big Print Wall Calendar  and printable weather clipart.

• Cut Apart Seasons Printable Cut Apart Seasons Printable - Have the child cut on the dotted line and place in order the season trees.

• Look through family scrapbooks and discuss the changes in clothing, grass, trees, and activities as the seasons change

• Also find ideas in the Seasons category.
• Macaroni Rainbow View rainbow ideas on the Noah's Ark page. 

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Cotton Ball Clouds Craft

Cotton Ball Clouds

Glue cotton balls on a piece of blue construction paper to form different sized clouds.

Crayons Surprise Clouds

Surprise Clouds

With a white crayon firmly draw clouds on a piece of paper.  Using diluted blue paint, have the child paint the entire piece of paper to find the clouds.  Count the clouds that are discovered.



Make It Rain   Original Source Unknown

Fill a glass jar with 2” of very hot water. Place a plate over the jar.  Wait a few minutes for condensation to occur.  Then lay some ice cubes on the plate.  This will cause the condensation to rain! 

The condensation represents clouds.  The ice represents the cool air in the atmosphere that makes it rain.


Rain Stick

Rain Stick

To make rain sticks tear off one sheet of aluminum foil that is three times as long as a paper towel tube.  Roll the foil lengthwise like a snake.  Wrap the foil around a wooden spoon creating a spring-like shape. Stretch the foil to be as wide and long as the tube.  Place the spring shaped foil into the paper towel tube.  Add a couple of layers of aluminum foil or construction paper to the bottom of the tube to secure the contents.  Secure tightly with a rubber band.  Add dry beans and/or dry macaroni to the fill the tube 1/10 of the way (make sure that the foil doesn't fall down when pouring in the beans or macaroni).  Add a matching cap to the top of the tube.  Decorate.  Teach the child to tilt the stick slowly.

Child play musical instruments.

Rain Songs

Rain, Rain Go Away
Itsy Bitsy Spider
It's Raining, It's Pouring


Wind is what we feel when the air around us is moving.

Windsock with streamers

Dress: Depending on the temperature it may be necessary to wear warmer clothing.

Science: Gather items of different weight (i.e. feather, styrofoam cup, rock, piece of paper, book, pencil). Predict which items will be moved by wind. Use a hairdryer on various speeds to blow the items.

Science: Gather a few plastic lids approximately 3-4" in diameter. Place a hole at the top of each lid and string and knot a piece of yarn through the hole. Put petroleum jelly on one side of each lid. On a windy day, hang the lids outside to blow in the breeze. After a few hours, gather the lids and view what the wind blew around. Use a magnifying glass for a detailed look. (Original Source Unknown) -

Science: Fill a gallon sized ziptop bag with several small squares of tissue paper. Place a straw in the bag so that one end is inside the bag and the other end it outside the bag. Zip the bag shut around the straw. Have the child blow the bag full of air and see what happens to the tissue paper. Discuss what occurred when air was blown into the bag. (Original Source Unknown)

Using the My Weather Graph worksheet, track the weather at the same time each day for a week. Some days may require more than one box to be marked. At the end of the week total each row.  Discuss which types of weather you had the most, least, and same amount.

Create a windsock by decorating a piece of cardstock. Roll the piece into a circle and staple closed. Along the bottom edge of the circle, staple different colored streamers. Punch two holes in the top of the cardstock and thread yarn to make a hanger.

Child painting by blowing into a straw.

Wind Painting

Place dots of paint on a piece of paper. Using a straw, blow the paint around the piece of paper.


Ice Fishing Object Lesson
Place several dozen ice cubes in a large bowl filled with cold water.  Place an empty bowl beside it.  Cut a piece of string or yarn 12” long.  Instruct the child to “fish” for ice cubes using the string.  Allow the child to try and “catch” an ice cube.  Once the child has declared, “I can’t,” explain that he is correct.  Lay the string on an ice cube and sprinkle with salt.  Wait a little while for the salt to melt the ice and the water to refreeze.  (You may need to practice this beforehand to figure out the timing.)  Gently pick up the ice cube.  Explain that we are like the string and the ice cubes are Heaven.  No matter how hard we try and because we “all have sinned,” we will never be able to grasp Heaven.  We can’t get to Heaven because of what we do.  We need Jesus.  Jesus is the salt that melts away ours sin.  He will become part of our life if we ask Him to.  (Allow the child to fish out the ice cubes when finished.)

Play in the "Snow":
Pour packing peanuts into a large tub.  Play in the “snow” using buckets, shovels, or toy tractors.  Hide small objects in the peanuts to correspond with the Bible story of Blind Bartimaeus.  Blindfold the child and have him find and describe the items found.  

Winter Ice Skating
Give the child two paper plates, one for each foot. Step on the plates and pretend to ice skate across the room. Advise the child to keep her feet on the plates and glide around the room. Caution: Depending on the flooring, you may need the hold the child's hands.

Eat Snow
Place ice cubes in a blender.  Chop finely to create snow.  To make the syrup, stir together 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil and boil 1 minute.  Remove from the heat and stir in two .12-15 oz unsweetened powder drink mix (like a Kool-Aid  packet).  Allow to cool.  Pour onto cups of shaved ice. 

Make Snowflakes
Fold a piece of paper in half a few times.  Show the child how to cut small pieces out of the paper to create a snowflake when the paper is unfolded.  Add a small photo of the child in the center of the snowflake.  Discuss just how every snowflake is different, God made every person unique and different. 

Snowflake Handprints
Paint only the index finger of the child’s hand.  Instruct the child to leave her hand spread.  On colored paper, create a circle of lines and then go back over the lines in an “x” formation.

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