I John 4:8 explains that God is love.  Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to discover more about this love and share it with others.  Enjoy the following activities to do this.


- Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt  Have a ‪‎Valentine‬'s Day Treasure Hunt with the family! Using riddles, your children will find nine clues in the refrigerator, by shoes, and throughout the house leading them to understand God's love for them.

- Valentine Card saying, "I Love You to Pieces." Make Valentine's Day Cards using markers, glue, scissors, etc.  Use this activity to review shapes, colors, and have your child practice writing his name.

Contact Paper Heart Contact Paper Heart
Fold a piece of red construction paper in half and cut out a heart. Set aside the outside paper.Leaving the heart folded, cut out a second heart by cutting parallel, 1" from the outside of the first heart.  You are left with a smaller heart and a 1" wide heart frame.  Set the full heart aside.  Cut a piece of contact paper slightly larger than the heart frame.  Peel off the backing of the contact paper and center the frame on the sticky side of the paper.  Lay small squares of tissue paper inside the heart, on the sticky contact paper.  When the heart is filled, lay a second sheet of contact paper on top of the heart (sticky sides together).  Avoid wrinkles or air bubbles.  Leaving a 1/4" border, cut away the excess contact paper.  Hang on the window, or hole punch and hang with string. 

Valentine Card Let your child practice writing their name on the Valentine's. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to write on each Valentines.  Depending on how many Valentines that you need to make, it may help to only do a few a day.

- Heart Chain 5 Make a Paper Heart Chain  (Image directions available here.)
(This activity will require an adult to align the papers but the child can help cut and staple.) Cut a piece of paper in half creating two 11"x4 1/4" pieces.  Cut eleven 1" strips of colored paper measuring 4 1/4" long.  Lay two stripes together and staple at the bottom.  Fold the unstapled ends down and around to form a heart.  Lay another strip on each side of the bended stripes.  Align and staple the four-layer end.  Fold the unstapled ends to form a second heart.  Continue the process to form a chain of hearts. (Sometimes construction paper is too stiff to bend.  You may also use felt.)

Heart Print Make a card, framed art, or poster using handprints or thumb finger prints.  Add a poem or verse and give away!

- Make heart shapes cookies to give away.  Draw a cross on them with frosting and tell others how God's love is the ultimate example.

- Kiss Cookies Make Kiss Cookies - a peanut butter cookie with a candy kiss on top - allow your child to unwrap the kisses (great fine motor activity) and put them on after baking the cookies

Enjoy sharing a lesson with your children on Jesus Loves Me.

- Heart Person Make a Heart Boy or Girl using the Heart Template.  Click here for directions.

Tissue Paper Heart Tissue Paper Heart

Valentine's Bag Valentine's Bag

Heart Pancakes Heart Pancakes - Serve heart pancakes for breakfast or supper.  Our kiddos love them! After pouring on the batter, use a utensil to spread out the heart shape.

Place a blowpop sucker on a Valentine that says "_____, you blow me away!"

Valentine Poem  (Author Unknown)

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Here is a sweet treat
From us(me) to you!

 Make Heart-Shapes Cupcakes - Place cupcake holders in a muffin tin.  Then either place a marble or a wadded circle of aluminum foil between the cupcake liners and the muffin pan.  Adorable heart shapes created! 


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