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Items Needed:

Worksheets:  Shepherd Follows the Star, Tissue Paper Angel, Triangle, Fish Bowl
Books:  Bible, Ten Little Fish
Activities: Kiss Cookies ingredients, sponge, sticky tack, goldfish, tissue paper, craft sticks, towel, food coloring, corn syrup, brown paper sack, rope or belt, wrapping paper roll, glue, glitter, watercolor, paintjumbo paintbrush



Bible Theme: Happy Birthday, Jesus
Lesson: Shepherds Worship Jesus

Bible Story: Shepherds Worship Jesus
Scripture:  Luke 2:8-20
Read & Share Toddler Bible
ABCJLM Interactive Bible Stories

Verse: I John 4:8 - God is love.
Tune:  Hot Cross Buns
God is love. (Point, cross hands over chest)
God is love.
1 John 4:8 (Form hands to hold a "book)
God is love.

Bible Song: I'm His Little Lamb (Traditional)
View: YouTube Video
Jesus is the Shepherd,
Guess who I am?
Such a lovely secret,  Shhhhh!
I'm His little lamb.

Poem: Five Little Bells (Original author unknown)
Five little bells hanging in a row; (Fingers hanging down)
The first one said, "Ring me slow." (Wiggle thumb)
The second one said, "Ring me fast." (Wiggle index finger)
The third one said, "Ring me last." (Wiggle second finger)
The fourth one said, "I'm like a chime." (Wiggle third finger)
The fifth one said, "Ring me at Christmas time." (Wiggle fourth finger)

Colors: Brown, Purple
Shape: Triangle
Letters: Q-S
Numbers: 1-5
Information: Mom's Name
Self-care and Manners: Washing hands

Book of the Week:
Ten Little Fish Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood

Fine Motor Skill:  Baking/Stirring
Gross Motor Skill:  Jump


Suggested Activities:

• Bible:
- Shepherd Follows the Star Paint the Shepherd Follows the Star worksheet with brown watercolors.  Outline with glue and purple glitter. 

- Tissue Paper Angel Paint the Tissue Paper Angel worksheet with watered-down glue.  Cover the angel with small pieces of tissue paper.  Let dry and then cut out.

- Christmas Trees Christmas Trees (Idea from Little Sprouts)
Using craft scissors, cut the craft sticks to the size needed.  Then glue them together with a hot glue gun and paint.  Decorate and glue a piece of string on the back of the ornament to hang.

- Dress Up as a Shepherd: Using a brown paper grocery sack, cut a hole in the bottom for the child's head and two holes on the sides for the child's arms.  Tie at the waist with a belt or rope.  Add a towel around the head held on by a belt or rope.  Add a staff made out of a wrapping paper roll.  Hide a sheep or star and let the child try to find it.

• Color:
Wrapping Paper Make homemade wrapping paper with a brown paper grocery sack or large piece of brown packing paper.  Paint, color, or stamp decorations using the color purple.  Wrap up a present with the paper and add a purple bow.

• Shape:
- Triangle Tree Cut a sponge into a triangle shape.  Dip the sponge into a shallow dish of paint and stamp onto the Triangle worksheet.  Use a stamp to make the tree trunk.

• Self-Care and Manners:
Teach the child to wash his hands before and after touching food, after playing with animals or outside, and after bathroom use.  Demonstrate how to use the proper amount of soap to wash the back and front of hands as well as in between fingers and under fingernails.

• Book of the Week:
- Count and point to the fish as you read the book.

- Using the Fish Bowl worksheet, create a fish bowl and cut out ten fish.  Using sticky tack, place ten fish in the bowl.  As you read the book, count and remove the fish. 

- Eat Goldfish while reading the book. 

• Fine Motor Skill:
Kiss Cookies Make Kiss Cookies - a peanut butter cookie with a candy kiss on top.  Allow your child to unwrap the kisses (great fine-motor activity) and put them on after baking the cookies.  Use this time to practice washing hands.  Give the cookies away and have the child tell the gift-receiver the Bible verse.

• Gross Motor Skill:
Jump in various directions.  Add obstacles for the child to jump on (bubble wrap) or over.

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