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Because I desire to make this curriculum easy to use, I have strived to remove as much of the prep work as possible.  Also, I have tried to minimize the materials needed as much as possible. Although no items are required for learning to occur and any suggestion can be substituted, an *asterisk is placed by items that I reference frequently throughout the curriculum.

I have also included items that I have found very beneficial to our family.  To make it easy to find out more details, all items underlined are linked to   

Below are the items that I believe can enhance the learning process and are used throughout the curriculum.

Sandpaper Letters & Number * Sandpaper Letters & Numbers - Used weekly in the 3 Year Curriculum. Directions to make

*Dry Erase Board and markers
Playdoh * Play Doh - Playdoh is excellent for fine motor skills and imagination. Directions to make
Scissors * Children's Safety Scissors - Child should have safety scissor that fit their little hands. Teaching How to Use Scissors
Flashcards * Flashcards - Make or purchase sets
Leapfrog Magetic Letters L eapFrog Fridge Phonics® Magnetic Set - Comes with Uppercase letters. Lowercase Letters Expansion Pack available as well
Parquetry Blocks Blocks - Parquetry Block Super Set, Pattern Blocks and Boards, or Pattern Blocks - These blocks are used in the Visual Perception Activities
Magnetic Letter and Numbers Wooden Magnetic Number and Letter Set
Bath Letters and Numbers Bath Letter & Numbers - Bath time is a wonderful time to extend learning.
Duplo Legos Duplo Legos - The larger legos are better for toddler and early preschool age children
Legos Legos - The smaller legos provide a lot more versatility and are better for ages 4 and up.
Letter and Number Cookie Cutters A-B-C and 1-2-3 Cutter Set - These are fun to make cookies, play with playdough, or trace.
ABC Lacing Lacing Beads & ABC Lacing Beads- combine the alphabet with lacing
Fingerpaint Fingerpaint - a wonderful sensory and fine motor activity
Aquadoodle Aquadoodle or Magna Doodle -
Another wonderful way to give your child opportunity to write and draw
Sidewalk Chalk Sidewalk Chalk
Peg Puzzles Peg Puzzle
Lacing Lacing Books and Cards - Lace & Learn Get Dressed & ABC Lacing Cards - Wonderful fine motor a ctivity
Sorting Beginning Sorting Set  - Use for the sorting activities in both curriculum

Paint:  Out of paint and need a recipe?  Here are two links that will provide you with several different options.

Homemade Paint Recipes

Recipes found at :
- Flour Based Poster Paint
- Cornstarch Paint
- Detergent Poster Paint
- Condensed-Milk Paint
- Homemade Face Paint
- Halloween Face Paint
- Edible Egg Yolk Paint
- Cornstarch Finger Paint
- Flour Finger Paint

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