Focus on Jesus during the month of December and anticipate the arrival of baby Jesus on December 25th with the following activities.

Countdown to Baby Jesus

Hay for Jesus

A Bed for Jesus:  Countdown to Christmas  

Shared by Nicolle:  Growing up, our coffee table housed a little manger with hay under it.  During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, every time we did something without being asked to do it, we placed a piece of hay in the manger. The goal was to get enough hay in the manger by Christmas for baby Jesus. Learn more...   

25 Promised from God

Christmas Promises from God 

Read daily promises from God and add a glass ornament on the tree stating the promise.  Print the 25 Promise verses or use your own.

Christmas Activity Workbook

Christmas Advent Workbook

Using Legos, blocks, or paper along with the Christmas Activity workbook provides daily activities to impress Christ in Christmas. Crafts, baking, and songs support the suggested learning.


Jesus Stocking

Hang an extra stocking for Jesus and each time a family members does something to love on others write on a slip of paper the activity and place it in the stocking.  On Christmas Eve read the slips of paper together. 

Building Christmas Traditions

Christmas Countdown

Advent Activities

Discover a list 25 activities to countdown to Christmas.  Makes a wonderful family tradition.

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown Chain

Create a countdown chain to build excitement for Christmas.  Also check out this Idea for a classroom setting.

Baby and brother reading together

Countdown to Christmas Book List

View a list of over 55 Christmas children books to wrap and read one book per day as a countdown to Christmas or for Advent.

Rectangle Christmas Tree

Rectangle Christmas Tree

Print the Rectangle Christmas Tree printable.  Cut out the lines, sort, and glue to a piece of construction paper from smallest to largest.  Add a tree stump.  This is a great activity to teach size, sorting, cutting, and gluing.  Can be used as a 12-day countdown to Christmas (11 lines, 1 tree stump).

Discover More Ideas

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