Baby Jesus is Born Flannelgraph Bible Story

Baby Jesus is Born Bible Story

Scripture: Luke 2:1-7

Read and Share Toddler Bible:  pg 136
The Beginner's Bible: pg 271
My First Hands-On Bible:  pg 218


Baby Jesus is Born Bible Verse

Matthew 1:21b Give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.


Baby Jesus is Born Bible Song

Silent Night  Traditional

Silent night (one finger up to mouth making shh motion)
Holy night (left arm horizontal in front of body, and right arm starts vertical and closes down to the left arm so both arms on top of each other, like the sun going down on the horizon)
All is calm (palms up and cross in front of body at waist height and end with arms out to your sides)
All is bright (palms facing out cross hands in front of your face and swing them out to the sides of your face)
Round yon' virgin, mother and child (rock baby motion)
Holy infant (sign for holy with left palm up in front of body, touch right index finger to left palm and make a jazz hand facing kids and move it up from left palm, to in front of your face, and end up on the right side of your face at shoulder height)
So tender and mild (rock the baby)
Sleep in heavenly peace (sleep hands by face on left side)
Sleep in heavenly peace (sleep hands by face on right side) 

Mary Had a Little Lamb  Traditional

Mary had a little lamb
Little lamb, little lamb
Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow.

Discuss how there is a Biblical meaning to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as well.
Mary – Jesus’ Mother
Lamb – Jesus
White as snow – Jesus was without sin

Away in a Manger  Traditional

Away in a manger (rock baby in your arms)
No crib for a bed (shake head "no")
The little Lord Jesus (point up)
Laid down His sweet head (place hands beside head to "sleep")
The stars in the sky (flick fingers in the air)
Looked down where He lay (place hand on forehead and "look")
The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay (place hands beside head to "sleep")


Baby Jesus is Born Activity Sheet

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus Coloring Worksheet  Sheet available in the Bible Activity Workbook

Mary and Baby Jesus in a Manger Coloring Sheet  Sheet available in the Bible Activity Workbook

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake Worksheet  Free Coloring Sheets for Immediate Family Use - Happy Birthday, Jesus
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Baby Jesus is Born Activities and Crafts

Baby in a Manger

Baby Jesus in the Manger

Cut out the small Baby Jesus from the Baby Jesus template.  On a piece of construction paper, glue enough small pieces of brown and yellow yarn to form a bed.  Glue Baby Jesus into the bed.  Glue popsicle sticks around the baby to make a manger.

Baby Jesus

Swaddle Baby Jesus 
Paint both sides of a paper plate brown.  Let dry.  Using the large baby from the baby Jesus template, cut out and glue the baby inside the paper plate.  Fold the sides of the plate in so as to swaddle the baby.

Baby in a Hankie

Fold a handkerchief in half, corner to corner.  Roll two of the corners of the triangle in towards each other until the rolls touch.  Without disturbing the rolls just created, very carefully separate the triangle point.  (If you pull too hard the entire thing will fall apart.)  Hold the one end while pulling back the other end around the rolls until a cradle is formed.  The rolls become a baby.  Let the child rock Baby Jesus during story time.

Wordless Book Cake

Happy Birthday Jesus Party

Make a cake or cupcakes and have a birthday party for Jesus.  Learn more...

Nativity Memory Game   Reprinted by Permission

Place individual pieces of a child's nativity set on a table and discuss each piece.  Have the children close their eyes and remove one piece.  Have the children figure out which piece is missing. After the missing piece is discovered, talk about its significance in the Nativity.  For instance, if you take away a Shepherd, explain to the children how an angel appeared to the shepherds in the fields to tell of Jesus' birth.

Play Dough Nativity

Creating a Nativity Scene

Using modeling clay or play dough, create your own nativity scene.  Have you child tell the story using their creations.  This would be a wonderful Family Night activity.


Baby Jesus is Born Interactive Bible Story

Interactive Bible Stories
Discover ideas from the age-appropriate, Interactive Bible scripts available in the Old & New Testament Curriculum1 Year Interactive Bible Stories2 Year Interactive Bible Stories3 Year Interactive Bible Stories, and 4 Year Interactive Bible Stories

The Christmas Story
Materials:  Angel, Mary, Joseph, and Baby (puppets, pictures, or manger scene pieces)
Read the following story and pause after you read the underlines words to hold up the corresponding puppet

People had been waiting and waiting for a very long time.  As a matter of fact, people had been waiting ever since the first man and woman had to leave God’s special garden because they had disobeyed God.  Do you remember the name of the first man and women?  (Adam and Eve)  They were waiting for God to keep His promise.  God had promised to send them a Savior, someone who could make everything good and right again.  One day an angel spoke to a girl name Mary and told her she would have a baby.  Then the angel spoke to a man name Joseph, who was going to be Mary’s husband.  The angel told Joseph that Mary’s baby was special.  He was God’s son, Jesus!  While Mary and Joseph were waiting for Jesus to be born, they had to go on a long trip.  The ruler of the land had made a law that people had to go to their hometowns and write their names in a special book so that leaders could count how many people there were.  So Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem to be counted.  They had to walk all the way!  Finally, they arrived in Bethlehem.  Mary was ready to have her baby!  But Bethlehem was so crowded they couldn't find a place to stay!  Everywhere they were told, “There is no room!”  Finally a kind innkeeper said they could stay in his stable with his animals.  And just in time, too!  That night Jesus was born.  Mary wrapped the baby with pieces of cloth and laid Him in a manger to sleep.  All the angels joined in and said, “Glory to God!  Peace on earth to those who love God!”


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