Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are big motor skills; i.e. running, jumping and hopping etc. They require balance and coordination.

- Go outside – kids naturally want to run
- Play tag
- Play “Red Light, Green Light”

Climbing & Crawling
- Go to the park climb all over the jungle gyms
- Crawling through tunnels

- Hopscotch to help develop balance
- Hop like an animal – rabbit, kangaroo
- Play Put the Fire Out - a fun outside activity involving water

- Demonstrate jumping (exaggerated)
- Start with child on a springy surface (cushion)
- Jump up to hit a balloon or beach ball
- Progression
o 2 feet
• Jump up as many times in a row as possible
• Jump forward as many times as possible
• Jump as far as possible
• Run and jump
o 1 foot
• Forwards than backwards
o Sideways

Ball play
- Kicking – soccer ball
- Rolling
- Throwing – throw a ball into a box, laundry basket, or wide trashcan
- Catching – start with a balloon and large stuffed animals
- Progression
o Starting sitting and progress to standing
o Start with large ball and progress to smaller ball
o Start with light ball and progress to heavier ball
o Start with overhand throw and progress to underhand throw
o Start with 2 hand catch and progress to one hand catch

- Try a bigger, thicker bat to start with and work your way up to a smaller one. You can also try tennis, golf or racquetball.

- Walking a straight line
o Place a line of tape on the floor and walk along it ( Note:  Do not use masking tape, as it will leave a residue.)
o Walk along a curb or fallen log
- Walking backwards

- Play music and march around the room..

Writing on a Horizontal Surface

- Shaving Cream 6 Draw with Fingerpaint or shaving cream - over a written letter or number.  Read more ...

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